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Video: Explanation of how a septic tank system works

Septic tank systems are a great alternative to public sewer systems, especially in rural areas. There is nothing complicated about septic tanks and the way these systems work; this video explains. Septic tank systems can comprise of concrete septic tanks or, increasingly popular these days, polyethylene septic tank tanks. Poly or plastic septic tanks are […]

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VIDEO: Installation of a poly septic tank

This short clip shows the professional installation of a polyethylene septic tank into a perfectly sized hole. Whatever the brand of poly septic tank is chosen, the installation principles remain the same (but always be sure to check for any specific installation guidelines from the poly septic tank manufacturer). Also see Plastic Septic Tanks: General […]

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Are poly septic tanks better than concrete or fibreglass septic tanks?

Plastic or polyethylene septic tanks (or ‘poly’ septic tanks) have a number advantages over traditional concrete septic tanks and fibreglass tanks. Poly septic tanks are available in a range of sizes from manufacturers such as JoJo Tanks, making them an easy option when planning a septic tank that will service a known number of people. […]

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Plastic Septic Tanks: General Installation Guidelines

These polyethylene septic tank installation guidelines are generic; always check with the manufacturer of the poly septic tank to see if any specific instructions are necessary. Siting of the poly septic tank: The sewage system should be as far away from habitable buildings as is economically possible. Good road access should be provided to enable […]

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plastic septic tanks

Guidelines for choosing the right plastic septic tank

Septic tanks are a necessity for many homes and buildings and it is important to choose the right sized, good quality septic tank according to the number of people that occupy the building.  Plastic septic tanks do not corrode or rust and are thus often recommended by builders. Here are some guidelines for choosing the […]

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Bhutan: Rain water tanks save school

A perennial shortage has been largely solved by harvesting what falls from the sky Goenpasingma Lower Secondary School : Eight years ago, day-scholar students of Goenpasingma lower secondary school in Pemagatshel did not just carry books while going to school in the morning; they also each carried five litres of drinking water.

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South Africa is running out of water

As Eskom hopes to raise its tariffs in order to replace antiquated infrastructure, it has come to light the water infrastructure in South Africa is also in a dire state.

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Choose the right size plastic septic tank

Why choose a plastic septic tank? When designing a septic system, one of the most common questions asked is whether the septic tank should be concrete or plastic. Septic tanks, which store solid waste, are available in concrete, steel, fiberglass, and plastic.

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VIDEO: How does a septic tank system work?

Many rural households rely on on-site septic tank systems for safe and efficient sewage treatment.  Watch this video to see how a septic tank system works. Septic tank size should be matched to the number of people in the household.  JoJo Tanks (South Africa) manufacture a range of plastic / polyethylene septic tanks and conservancy […]

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