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Top water saving tips at home

Every little bit of water you save eases the strain on our water sources, saves you money and helps the environment. The graph below shows where water is used. There are many ways you can save water in your home. We’ve listed several quick and easy hints that will help you save water:

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VIDEO: How To Save Water in 6 Easy Ways

Save water easily with some tips you might not have thought of. Some of the water saving tips mentioned in this video may seem arbitrary but if everyone followed these tips, the amount of water saved globally would be immense.  Rainwater harvesting is another way to save water and become less dependent on municipal water […]

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Easy Eco Tip: Save 40 litres of Water a Day

The old folk wisdom that says place a brick in your toilet’s water tank is partially correct: It’s an effortless way to save water, but a brick isn’t the best choice of object. Use a plastic bottle filled with water instead.

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Easy Water Saving Tips

YOU can play an important part in saving water by using these water saving tips in your home: Rain water tanks save water and money too; click on the links below to see the range of JoJo water tanks and tank stands available in South Africa.

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10 easy tips to save water in your garden

Water is always a precious commodity and it seems that, in the South [in the USA], we are only about two to three weeks from a drought. We are getting dry in places, so now is the time to think about how you can save water this summer in the garden.

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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint One Month at a Time

With all the Earth Day reminders on reducing your carbon footprint you might feel a bit overwhelmed as to how to make a 360-degree turn in a matter of days. Many of you have worked diligently to make sustainable changes in your surrounding environment. Then again, there are your family and friends who have no […]

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