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Video: Install a grey water irrigation system

A great video about how to install a greywater irrigation system (without water tanks) with laundry water being directed directly from the washing machine via pipes to the garden where plants receive the gray water irrigation. The important thing to remember when it comes to grey water is that it should never be  stored in […]

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Deciding on the right rain water tank

Some quick tips to help homeowners and businesses decide on the right rain water tank according to circumstances. Do some research and see what’s on offer before you make a decision. If you get quotes from at least three rainwater tank suppliers, you’ll find the right solution for the best price. Try to work out which tank size will […]

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Grey water irrigation systems explained

In South Africa we are fortunate not to have overbearing rules and regulations regarding greywater systems and tanks for irrigation (the article below originates in Australia). However one should be sensible when applying greywater to plants – do not surface irrigate plants that are for food. Also, never store greywater in water tanks for more […]

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Rainwater harvesting & water tank tips

Here are some excellent tips on how to plan, use and maintain a rainwater harvesting system as well as how to properly care for your rain water tanks. Choices, Choices Start with making a water budget, which will include knowing your average annual rainfall roof catchment area, cost and location of rainharvesting tank and your […]

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Video: Rainwater Harvesting Facts & Tips

Watch this interesting and informative narrated slide show if you are thinking of installing rain water tanks at your home. Rainwater Harvesting is collecting rain from your roof and storing it for future use. The simple process is discussed including uses for untreated rainwater, yard watering requirements, planning your system and purchasing components. Although the […]

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Water tanks in an industrial setting

Not many people think of water tanks for catching rainwater in industrial settings but in a water scarce country like South Africa, businesses should consider installing rain water tanks. Here are some reasons why businesses with factories or warehouses should harvest rainwater and install water tanks: Many factory buildings are large and have a big […]

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Video: The World Water Crisis

Watch this video for some interesting and alarming facts. All the more to conserve water and install water saving systems such as rain water tanks and grey water systems. If you are in South Africa and need a water tank for a rainwater system, greywater system, municipal back-up water supply or any other reason, JoJo […]

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Passive versus Active Rainwater Harvesting

A brief explanation of active and passive rainwater systems is discussed below; most systems incorporate a water tank or rain barrel in the system. Rain water tanks add value to properties and can reduce municipal water bills substantially. There is wide spread interest in water conservation and specifically in capturing in water tanks or rain […]

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Why Reuse Greywater?

Some great reasons to reuse greywater; remember never to store grey water in water tanks for more than 24 hours and use phosphate free laundry detergents. If greywater is stored in a water tank or drum for more than 24 hours, there is the risk that potentially harmful microorganisms could multiply. If using laundry greywater […]

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