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Water Filters & Contaminants – what type of protection do you need?

Even rainwater in rain water tanks could be contaminated by bird droppings on the roof and other contaminants in the gutters and it should be appropriately filtered if the water tanks are used to supply potable water. Water contaminants can be broken down into four categories:  Taste and odor causing contaminants, rust/sediment, bacteria/parasites and lead. […]

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Why cheap poly water tanks are bad for the environment

In today’s economy, consumers all too often choose a product based on price alone.  Poly water tanks are no exception but it is economically & environmentally irresponsible to choose a plastic water tank based on price alone Many may argue that ‘plastic’ tanks or polyethylene tanks are not good for the environment in the first […]

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India: Mumbai officials advise that water tanks should be cleaned

Cleaning water tanks should be a periodic maintenance task although the period between cleaning will vary widely, depending on the quality of water entering the water tanks. To prolong the gap between desluding and cleaning the water tank, an appropriate filter can be installed at the inlet of the water tank.  MUMBAI: The Brihanmumbai Municipal […]

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jojo water tanks

Conditions of JoJo Tanks 8 year guarantee on water tanks & chemical tanks

JoJo Tanks have recently announced an extension of their warranty from 5 years to 8 years on water tanks and chemical tanks.  All JoJo Tanks water tanks and chemical tanks purchased on or after 1 July 2013 are eligible for the 8-year warranty. Very few other polyethylene water tank manufacturers in South Africa can offer […]

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rain water tanks

Start the old practice of collecting rainwater in rainwater tanks

Rainwater harvesting is an ancient practice and the article below outlines the benefits and uses of rainwater as well as a brief outline of how to collect it and store it in rain water tanks or rain barrels.  Although this article advises against rainwater for drinking, rainwater can be easily filtered and purified with appropriate […]

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plastic water tanks

Plastic tanks in agriculture

Farming operations of all types can use plastic or polyethylene tanks for various uses.  Tanks made from other materials are also used but poly tanks offer many advantages such as ease of transport, ease of installation, corrosion & chemical resistance, longevity, low maintenance and affordability. Plastic water tanks for irrigation Larger poly water tanks, in […]

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rainwater harvesting tanks

Uses for rainwater from rain water tanks

Rainwater harvesting in its simplest form comprises of a downspout from a roof gutter that directs rainwater into a rain barrel or water tank.  Rainwater from rain water tanks can be used for most domestic purposes including for drinking, if properly purified/filtered. Rainwater from your rain water tanks can be used for the following: Garden […]

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More water conservation tips for the home

In addition to the water saving tips listed below, homeowners should also consider installing rain water tanks and grey water recycling systems.  A few water tanks on a property will allow rainwater and municipal water to be stored to supplement normal water supply and reduce water bills. 1. Check taps and pipes for leaks A […]

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South Afican businesses becoming aware of water’s strategic value

Just over 70% of a group of  South African JSE-listed companies surveyed had already experienced financial loss because of water issues, according to a London-based research company that, with the National Business Initiative (NBI), looks at South African companies’ water use. South Africa is predicted to run out of water as soon as 2015, and […]

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