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Advantages of water tank stands

Water tanks and tank stands often, although not always, go hand in hand. The decision whether or not to install you water tank on a tank stand depends on a number of factors. Here are some advantages of water tank stands: Water tanks need to be placed on a firm level surface; water tank stands […]

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first flush system for rain barrels

Video: DIY First Flush Diverter for Rainwater Tanks

Watch this video on an ingenious first flush diverter made from common hardware store materials and a water bottle. It also explains the importance of fitting a first flush system to your rain barrel or rain water tank. Need a a rainwater tank in South Africa? Check out the links below showing the various high […]

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Fundamentals of Rainwater Tank Harvesting Systems

The main and most important component of any rainwater or water storage system is the water tank but there are a number of other components that need to be considered, as outlined in the comprehensive article below. In many areas , a water-conserving household can provide for all its water needs from what it can […]

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rain tank installation video

Video: The whys and hows or rain barrel installation

With an introduction to why home-owners should keep rainwater on their properties and a clear demonstration of how to install a rain barrel or rainwater tank, this video is well worth watching. Rain barrels are fun and relatively easy to install but are quickly filled up, even with a light shower of rain. We recommend […]

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Some good reasons to install water tanks on tank stands

In South Africa, there are many cases where water tank stands offer excellent advantages compared to placing the tank at ground level. The primary reason for installing water tanks on water tank stands is so that pressure can be created using gravity. Once the water is pumped up to the water tank, there will always […]

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The RainSaucer™: A novel approach to rainwater harvesting

This novel approach of capturing rainwater with funnel-like ‘saucers’ that direct the rainwater straight to a water tank will appeal to some, especially those that do not have gutters or just want to collect s small quantity of high quality rainwater for drinking. Why RainSaucers™? Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) is a great idea except that the […]

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water tanks for sale

6 Tips for Conserving Water While Travelling

These water conservation tips are not only applicable when travelling but when you are at home too. Water conservation habits in addition water conservation systems such as rain water tanks, will make a huge difference to the global water issues if enough people do this. 6 Tips for Conserving Water While Travelling Water is one […]

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10 Tips for Fitting a Quality Rainwater System into Your Budget

Investing in a rainwater harvesting system and water tanks can be daunting but these tips below will help you budget for a rainwater system, whether you live in the US or South Africa or anywhere else for that matter. Decided You Want the Best of the Best? 10 Tips for Fitting a Quality System into […]

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rain water tanks south africa

Tips for installing rain water tanks

This article is from an Australian source but the tips and guidelines presented here are equally relevant to South Africa and most other countries. Some forethought is required when implementing a rainwater harvesting system – the water tank being the main component but there are other fittings, pipes, pumps and accessories to consider too. There […]

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