6 Tips for Conserving Water While Travelling

These water conservation tips are not only applicable when travelling but when you are at home too. Water conservation habits in addition water conservation systems such as rain water tanks, will make a huge difference to the global water issues if enough people do this.

6 Tips for Conserving Water While Travelling

Water is one of the most important natural resources available on our planet, yet 11 percent of the world’s population – that’s 783 million people – don’t have access to clean drinking water, according to UN Water.

Being conscious of how we use water is necessary in order to help provide this natural resource to those who are without. While travelling, being water-wise may seem like a difficult task. It’s so easy to grab a bottle of water to stay hydrated, yet those bottles of water that you buy actually contribute to water shortage problems.

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While traveling, it is just as important to remain water conscious as it is while you are at home. If you’re staying in one of the many cheap Vegas hotels or an inexpensive London flat, not only could you be saving money thanks to great prices, but you could also be saving water. With a little thought, you can easily remain water friendly, stay hydrated, and still enjoy your travels.

Here are some simple ways that you can conserve water while you are traveling.

Drink from a Reusable Water Bottle:

Beaches littered with plastic water bottles have become an increasingly common problem in large tourist areas. Not only does all of this consumption of bottled water contribute to the world’s water problem, but it also adds to the issue of pollution. Don’t be one of the billions of people who purchase bottled water; bring along your own – and reuse it.

Turn Off the Tap:

While you shower or brush your teeth, turn off the water until you need to use it again. A long, hot shower may feel great, but it is only temporary; the amount of water you use while taking that shower can have a lasting impact.

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Hold Off on Washing:

Try not to wash your clothing until you absolutely need to. In fact, an even better idea is to avoid washing your clothes all together while you travel. To do so, just pack enough clean clothing to last your entire trip.

Reuse Old Water:

If you have water left in that refillable water bottle at the end of the day, don’t just pour it down the drain; find a plant and water it, or use it to brush your teeth instead of turning on the faucet.

Fill Up to Shave:

Instead of letting the water run while you shave your face, fill up the basin of the sink. Use the water in the sink to rinse off your razor.

If it’s Yellow, Let it Mellow:

This silly old saying really has a lot of validity. Flushing the toilet wastes a tremendous amount of drinking water. Instead of wasting it unnecessarily, keep this saying in mind and flush only when necessary.

These water conservation tips are extremely easy to put into practice while you are traveling, but they shouldn’t stop when you return home. Make conserving water a part of your everyday life by using these and other tactics while at home. For example, harvesting rain water and installing water tanks is a fantastic way to conserve water. Check out RainHarvest.com to learn more about this process.

The decisions a single person makes can have an effect on the entire world. Conserve water and do your part.

Source: Bridget Galbreath (Bridget Galbreath  is a freelance writer. Two of her biggest passions are traveling and being eco-friendly. She abides by these tips while she’s at home, and on the road).

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