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October 8, 2013

Some considerations when positioning water tanks

Whether a water tank or water tanks are purchased for a business or a home, there are some important considerations that should be taken into account […]
October 1, 2013

Water tank stands or booster pumps…or both?

When water tanks are installed, there is often a requirement for some extra water pressure. What is best? Tank stands or pressure booster pumps…or both? Where […]
August 27, 2013

Pressure from water tanks – pumps or tank stands?

Whether water tanks are used for storing municipal water, borehole water or rainwater as part of a rainwater harvesting system, pressure is usually required.  The choice […]
June 12, 2013

Stands for water tanks: Steel tank stands vs Timber tank stands

Water tank stands are usually used to place water tanks at elevated heights in order to provide pressure. When deciding between a steel water tank stand […]
May 2, 2013

Example of an engineer’s certificate for a JoJo water tank stand

All JoJo water tank stands are designed, certified and built by an experienced, professional structural engineer.  This ensures peace of mind when it comes to safety […]
May 1, 2013

Need a water tank stand? Steel vs timber vs brick tank stands

Water tank stands provide elevated storage of water to create reliable water pressure in case of electricity supply outages and/or pump failures.  A water tank stand […]
April 22, 2013

Water tanks installation: 10 Reasons to choose JoJo tank stands

Water tanks should ideally be installed on a sturdy base or platform; properly constructed steel water tank stands are highly recommended.  In South Africa, steel tank […]
July 18, 2012

Africa’s water scarcity mainly due to poor water management

Water utilities are losing billions of Rand through lost and stolen water in South Africa, while poor sanitation in Africa is leading to the deaths of […]
May 12, 2012

Saving Rainwater with Rainwater Storage Tanks

  Catching and using rainwater can be as simple as a single plastic barrel with a gravity feed to a flower bed, or they can be […]