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Tips on water tank bases & tank stands

A flat and well constructed base is critical for all water tanks. The whole under side of the tank must be fully supported. Every 1000 litres of water weighs 1 tonne. It is critical that the overall weight of your tank is considered before deciding the location.

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VIDEO: 15000 litre water tank & rainwater harvesting system

The 15000 litre water tank has been retro-fitted to the toilet and in the summer it is used to top up the swimming pool. Crushed granite is used for the base (100mm thick) A video of a good example of a 15000 litre water tank and rain water harvesting system in Australia.  A similar rainwater […]

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Eco-friendly Uses for Old Tyres

Every year millions of car tyres wear out. When one considers the number of cars on our roads and you times that number by four – just think of the number of tyres that we are chucking out every year! Yes some are retreaded, and their lives extended, and some are recycled and turned into […]

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