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Video: Install a grey water irrigation system

A great video about how to install a greywater irrigation system (without water tanks) with laundry water being directed directly from the washing machine via pipes to the garden where plants receive the gray water irrigation. The important thing to remember when it comes to grey water is that it should never be  stored in […]

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Design & Install a Greywater Irrigation System

The article below describes one way or designing & installing a grey water irrigation system with a plastic water tank or box for temporary storage. The task may be simplified by choosing a small water tank that already has an inlet, outlet and overflow built-in. Most JoJo water tanks have these features which some cheaper/inferior […]

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Laundry grey water for garden irrigation

Grey water from washing machines needs some special considerations before using it for irrigation; the article below offers some important tips. Other forms of gray water such as from bathing and washing hands require less attention and can generally be used for irrigation without too much worry. One golden rule for greywater recycling is that […]

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Uses of rainwater from your rainwater tank

Rainwater tanks have historically been used as an essential means of supplying drinking water in many rural and remote parts of the world. The location, style, construction and use of rainwater tanks have changed significantly over time. The use of rainwater tanks has become a major strategy to enhance water conservation, reduce the burden of […]

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Harvesting H2o: A prepper’s guide to the collection, treatment, and storage of drinking water while living off the grid (eBook)

How to find, purify, filter, and store clean drinking water is of primary importance to preppers and off-grid homesteaders. Water is the element that sustains all life, but most of the earth’s surface water is unsafe for human consumption. Nicholas Hyde’s latest work may well become the most important reference book in your survival kit.  […]

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Water Vapour Harvesting by the Namib Desert Beetle

The wing covers of the Namib desert beetle gather water from the air using nanoscale bumps. The Namibian Beetle (Stenocara gracilipes) lives in one of the driest deserts in the world, the Namib on the southwest coast of Africa, but obtains all of the water it needs from ocean fog due to the unique surface […]

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Video: Part B – Water Tanks

This video discusses water tanks in detail, including types of water tanks as well as a general guide on how to choose the right sized water tank. See the video in Part A for information on the various accessories and equipment required for a rainwater harvesting system. We recommend high quality poly water tanks made […]

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Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization

Far more than oil, the control of water wealth throughout history has been pivotal to the rise and fall of great powers, the achievements of civilization, the transformations of society’s vital habitats, and the quality of ordinary daily lives. Today, freshwater scarcity is one of the twenty-first century’s decisive, looming challenges, driving new political, economic, […]

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The Vetiver System for Soil and Water Conservation

The Vetiver System is used in more than 100 countries for soil and water conservation, infrastructure stabilization, pollution control, waste water treatment, mitigation and rehabilitation, sediment control, prevention of storm damage, and many other environmental protection applications (through bioengineering and phytoremediation). The vetiver plant, Chrysopogon zizanioides, is the main component to all Vetiver System bioengineering […]

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