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greywater gardening

Graywater Gardening Made Easy

Graywater (also known as gray water, greywater, grey water), is waste water from your laundry, showers and spa / bath. A family of 4 generates over 100 gallons per day, or 3,000 gallons per month of graywater. Why let this water go to waste when it can easily be used on your garden, instead of […]

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water tank for small garden

JoJo Water Tanks for Small Gardens

JoJo Slimline water tanks are 750 litres in capacity and ideal for small gardens or where space is limited. Whether you need water tanks for a greywater system, rainwater harvesting or any other reason, we recommend water tanks and other products manufactured by JoJo Tanks; click on the links below for more information. JoJo TanksĀ South […]

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