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Eco roof generates solar energy, harvests rainwater

The rise in the cost of energy along with the need to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, architects around the world have started to come up with buildings that either generate energy, save energy or try to conserve freshwater by harvesting rain. With such designs, the future of architecture definitely seems green, but buildings […]

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Greening our Cities (Part 2)

Studies estimate that 1 square metre of grassed rooftop can remove up to 2kg of polluted particles from the air every year, depending on the foliage type. By definition a green roof can be: A layer of living vegetation that is installed on the top of a conventional flat or sloping roof; An extension of […]

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Live Roof: Long-lasting Green Roof System Built by Horticulturists

Live Roof® is a unique green roof concept designed through the eyes of  a horticulturist, founder Dave MacKenzie.   The Company utilizes a patent pending, hybrid modular system with a optimal plant mix and soil composition.  Since every region is different, Live Roof®  has  partnered with a network of horitculturalists around the US and Canada who […]

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How to Create a Green Roof

Green roof design is being incorporated into more and more modern buildings.  However, even an old roof can be modified into a green roof, watch the short video below. A green roof provides added insulation thus saving your household heating and cooling bills.  On a large scale, e.g. whole cities, they could reduce extreme temperature […]

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