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Why It’s Cheaper To Build A Green Home

These days, building your dream house is more complicated than ever. When in the past you can just stake out an empty lot and declare it as yours before gathering the materials you will need to build a crude house, you now have to go through a number of financial, bureaucratic and architectural loopholes in […]

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Exotic Ideas for Sustainable Flooring

Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits to the environment that sustainable flooring provides. Bamboo is a popular option because it’s quick to reach harvesting age and is just as durable as many hardwoods. However, you needn’t be limited to bamboo. There are many other exotic options for sustainable flooring that are still suited to green […]

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Sustainable Sisal – Eco-Friendly Sisal Rugs & Flooring

It is important to realize that using sisal rugs in your home or workplace helps to promote sustainability in developing countries.  Likewise, you are providing a healthier environment for yourself and also those around you. For us to begin discussing the benefits of sisal rugs we need to first look at the plant itself, sisal […]

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Bamboo Countertops – The Sustainable Option

Bamboo countertops can be a great choice for anyone who is interested in replacing their current counters with a new, eco friendly option.  There are lots of great reasons to consider bamboo, we’ll go over them all here. Strand woven bamboo countertop What Makes Bamboo Countertops Green? Bamboo has emerged in recent years as a […]

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Bamboo can Save the Planet

By now, nearly everyone knows that we are depleting the natural resources of the only home that we have at a rate that is well past sustainable. To some extent, we have become inured to alarming reports and ominous warnings about our wasteful ways. Media outlets yammer away about Overpopulation, Global Warming and Deforestation and […]

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19 Interesting & Sustainable Uses For Bamboo

Humanity’s relationship with bamboo is extensive, stretching across a myriad of cultures and spanning thousands of years. Its uses have evolved over time, and even in the 21st century this grass—considered a symbol of fertility in Chinese culture and a symbol of friendship in India—has been utilized in a multitude of ways that might seem […]

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Greening our Cities (Part 2)

Studies estimate that 1 square metre of grassed rooftop can remove up to 2kg of polluted particles from the air every year, depending on the foliage type. By definition a green roof can be: A layer of living vegetation that is installed on the top of a conventional flat or sloping roof; An extension of […]

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How Green is Bamboo Floor Manufacturing?

The process of manufacturing bamboo flooring is comparable to any other flooring solution.  Significant heat is required to kiln dry the bamboo during the process, as well the steaming of it, but most of this energy is derived from burning saw dust resulting from the bamboo cutting process itself. Certain glues and lacquer finishes are […]

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Alternative living: going underground – the Dune House

Architect William Morgan’s goggle-eyed Dune House was created back in the mid 1970′s. The two, side-by-side, duplex apartments were built right into the Atlantic Beach, Florida dune using swimming pool technology – a gunite-concrete shell anchored to a cast concrete floor. The structure features a vintage green roof that keeps the two apartments a very […]

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