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Bamboo Flooring Basics (Video)

Bamboo is a sustainable, renewable building and decor material and should be considered whether you are building a new how or renovating your existing home. If you live in South Africa and need environmentally friendly water conservation and solar energy solutions, contact us for a free quote.  Our WWF award winning water systems include, rainwater […]

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The Ideal Sustainable Home?

Sustainable housing is not a new idea, but there are many different ideas surrounding the term sustainable building, some of them always changing. People have varied sustainable plans when designing a house, but in reality you can narrow sustainability down to some basic ideas. The best sustainable housing is… Sustainable at each level. From choosing […]

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Need Some Green Architecture Ideas?

Need some green architecture ideas?  Watch this short video which showcases a wonderful variety of green building designs. If you are looking at building your own eco-friendly home, be sure to incorporate as many water conservation features and systems as possible- so important in South Africa where water shortages and water scarcity are a already […]

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Why Build With Bamboo?

Tour bamboo living homes in Hawaii, walk through a bamboo forest, 3 reasons for choosing a bamboo house, see models, styles, finishes, hear what homeowners say. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows without much need for irrigation or fertilizer.  Bamboo has hundreds of uses and its fibre can even be made into high […]

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5 Green Ways to Protect Your Home and Save Electricity

We all know the feeling when you just realized you forgot to lock your door. At best, it’s a quick moment of nagging anxiety – at worst, it’s a debilitating slide show of anxious thoughts that will kill any chance of being productive for the rest of the day. A simple solution would be to […]

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Bamboo Flooring: Affordable and Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo floor covering has long been considered a luxury item, reserved only for wealthy floor design aficionados. Used for thousands of years as decor, until recently, few people considered covering their floors with the attractively slick, almost see-through look.  As a result, real bamboo covered floor coverings–fashioned after the delicate bamboo stalk–were a rarity. But […]

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7 Tips on Sustainable Design

I was recently invited by the Designers Accord to contribute to a really interesting series called “Sustainability in 7“ that is now running on Core77 the sustainable design blog. Designers Accord asked people to speak for 2 minutes or less on the “7 things every designer should consider when integrating sustainability into design practice.” Here are my quick […]

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Live Roof: Long-lasting Green Roof System Built by Horticulturists

Live Roof® is a unique green roof concept designed through the eyes of  a horticulturist, founder Dave MacKenzie.   The Company utilizes a patent pending, hybrid modular system with a optimal plant mix and soil composition.  Since every region is different, Live Roof®  has  partnered with a network of horitculturalists around the US and Canada who […]

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How to Build a Bamboo and Earth House

Berkeley based Natural Builders worked with a local team to build this house in Costa Rica using bamboo joinery and the infill between the posts using the earth and bamboo “wattle & daub” technique. The wattle and daub technique is an ancient time tested method of building. A basket-like wall (wattle) is combined with an […]

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