7 Tips on Sustainable Design

green design tipsI was recently invited by the Designers Accord to contribute to a really interesting series called “Sustainability in 7“ that is now running on Core77 the sustainable design blog. Designers Accord asked people to speak for 2 minutes or less on the “7 things every designer should consider when integrating sustainability into design practice.”

Here are my quick sustainability design principles:

  • Design for the life-cycle of the product.
  • Design to reduce the largest impacts – focus on the hot spots.
  • Design for service, not stuff.
  • Design for transparency – tell the story behind your products.
  • Design for feedback and learning.
  • Design for the end-of-life.
  • Design to make sustainability beautiful, cool, and hip.

Check out the short video on YouTube below.

Source: www.goodguide.com

Sustainable design should be embraced wherever possible; not only does the environment benefit, but the financial savings in the short, medium and long term are a further incentive.  Sustainable design also tends to be simpler and more robust in the face of disaster (natural or man-made).

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