Types of Water Tanks

When it comes to choosing a water tank, there are a number of types of water tanks available.  Always choose a tank from a manufacturer that offers a guarantee of high quality

types of water tanks

Types of tank construction

Poly (polyethylene) tanks: the most popular material for urban use, poly tanks are suitable for both above ground and below ground use. The tanks are usually moulded in one piece for greater strength. They cover a wide range of tank sizes, from a few hundred litres to over 50,000 litres, and can be moulded in any shape. The larger manufacturers produce a wide range of tank sizes and colours, often in both plain and corrugated finishes. Many offer colour-matched accessories (such as first-flush diverters).

Metal tanks: these are made from a variety of metals, ranging from the traditional galvanised steel to the treated steel products such as Zincalume, Colorbond and Aquaplate. At the high end of the price range are tanks made from stainless steel. As with poly tanks, the metal tanks can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and in flat or corrugated finishes. Some tanks have poly liners to prevent rusting and to ensure water quality is maintained. If you are having a metal tank installed you should inspect it thoroughly when it is in place, as they are prone to transport damage (including the breaking of welds if the tank flexes too much). Metal tanks are usually not used underground. The size range to beyond 700,000 litres.

Fibreglass tanks: these tanks are strong, durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures. However, their popularity has suffered with the advent of cheaper poly tanks. They are mostly used for above-ground applications. Sizes range to beyond 110,000 litres.

PVC tanks: bladder tanks made from PVC are used for under-house and under-deck applications, sometimes with a steel frame to protect them.

Concrete tanks: used for both underground and above-ground storage, concrete tanks can exceed 1 million litres in capacity. Concrete tanks are generally long-lasting but are subject to cracking if placed underground in clay soil. The above ground versions have the advantage of keeping the water cooler than other tank types and since light can’t penetrate, they are less prone to algal growth. The larger tanks are poured on-site.

Quality counts

There are many hundreds of water tank manufacturers across Australia, including many operations just feeding their local markets. Unfortunately, all tanks are not created equal. In the manufacture of poly tanks the most important difference between manufacturers is the thickness of the tanks and the quality of the polyethylene powder used.

Even some of the large manufacturers have been known to save money by decreasing the thickness of tanks. Given the immense pressure that tons of water exerts, skimping on quality often results in ruptured tanks – not a desirable occurrence when water is so precious. Gathering information about the track record of manufacturers and the specifications of tanks is an important part of the service that Eco Community performs.

In metal tanks the key quality issues are the quality of the welding and the thickness of the metal. Some tanks are made with rollformed galvanised metal. Many now use Bluescope Aquaplate which uses a waterproof liner.

Considerable care is required in the transport of metal tanks, since twisting may break the welds or the tank may be dented. You should visually check the tank for dents when it is in place and ensure that the tank is watertight before the installer leaves.

Source: Eco Community

Plastic tanks make sense for numerous applications in South Africa.  The portability, ease of installation and affordability of plastic tanks make them the superior choice most of the time.  However, choose your plastic water tank wisely; as in Australia, there are a number of water tank manufacturers in South Africa and these can be classed into 3 groups: cheap & low quality; affordable & high quality and, expensive & high quality.  JoJo Tanks manufacture tanks and other products (including steel tank stands designed by engineers) that are both affordable and of high quality.  This is why we at Rainharvest market and sell JoJo Tanks products.  Click on the links below to see the various jojo tanks and jojo tank stands that we can supply.

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