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Water tanks – where to place them

Once you have selected the best type and size of water tank suited to your requirements, you will need to manoeuvre the tank to your pre-selected spot. Here are some tips to help you decide where your water tank should be installed. If it is a rainwater tank, the tank should be placed at a […]

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12 Steps to Creating a Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

While installing a water tank is the first step to harvesting rainwater, there is other hardware that should considered to improve the efficiency of the system. Installing these extra components also reduces water tank maintenance requirements. Here are 12 steps to creating a complete rainwater harvesting system: Check ROOF SURFACE is suitable for collecting quality rainwater. Install GUTTER […]

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10 Reasons To Buy A Water Tank

In South Africa, water scarce nation where water issues are increasingly serious, there shouldn’t really be a need for much convincing when it comes to water tanks. However, here are 10 great reasons to install a water tank. Water tanks can save you money if used for storing rain water for domestic and commercial purposes Having a water […]

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Rainwater harvesting is simplest alternative water source

Rainwater harvesting tanks are becoming more common in South Africa and in many other parts of the world, including the US and other developed countries.  It is important to choose the water storage container carefully – not all water tanks are suited to storing water for potable purposes.  Ensure the water tank is of good […]

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Rainwater harvesting reduces dependence on municipal water

A great article on how to make a simple, inexpensive rainwater harvesting system.  We always recommend installing more water storage capacity than you think you need as it is surprising how quickly a thunder shower can fill even a large 10000 litre water tank! Some states in the US have restrictions on rainwater harvesting, fortunately […]

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Choose water tanks for storing potable water carefully

When choosing a water tank intended for storing drinking water, buy a good quality, known brand name water tank to ensure your stored drinking water remains uncontaminated and safe to drink. Not all water tanks are made with storing drinking water in mind.  There are a bewildering number of types, sizes and brands available, ranging […]

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Couple turns to rainwater harvesting due to health issues

This article is a great example of how rainwater harvesting can ensure a household never runs out of water and the health benefits of using rainwater are clear too.  Another point that this article touches on is storage capacity – serious rainwater harvesters know that sufficient size and quantity of water tanks is important, especially […]

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What Can Renters Do to Harvest Rain Water (Without Breaking the Law)?

Fortunately, in South Africa there are no such restrictions or laws governing rainwater harvesting or rain tanks, as there are in some states and counties in the US.  Should you be renting, your landlord may be very happy to cover part- or all of the cost of rain water tank installation as water conservation systems, […]

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Rain water tanks at schools save money & educate learners

Schools are great places for installing rainwater harvesting systems and rainwater tanks. Here are some compelling reasons to install water tanks at schools, especially in South Africa: Firstly, school buildings, by their very nature, are often ideally constructed for rainwater harvesting.  In South Africa, many rural schools (where municipal water supply is non-existent or very […]

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