Install a Water Tank to Save Money & Water

water tankWater stored in water tanks was a major source of water before many of us began living in modern towns and cities. Running water and huge central water storage facilities were not available and water tanks greatly assisted people in saving time from fetching water from a canal, river or dam.

Today, installing water tanks could appear to be step backward instead of forward. However, in these times of water shortages and rapidly increasing demand for water, installing water tanks is definitely a progressive and wise move.

There are many reasons why you should install a water tank. It does not only allow you to conserve the environment and save water, it also allows you to save money. Water tanks can help you save money in more ways than one. Here are a few facts about how installing water tanks can save you money:

Scarcity of water is prevalent in most communities around the world. The amount of available freshwater and its price is inversely proportional. Installing water tanks does not always allow you to become totally water self-sufficient but it can, however, make you less dependent on your city’s water supply and reduce your water bill considerably.

Harvested rainwater from your water tank may be used for your washroom, garden, garage, and even for consumption if properly filtered. Having the stored water in water tanks also allows you to have an emergency water supply should you experience municipal water supply cuts.

For rainwater harvesting, every square metre of roof that receives a single millimetre of rain water will deposit a full litre of water into your water tank. You can calculate exactly how much money you will end up saving by finding out the size of your roof and multiplying that by the regular rainfall in your area. An average-sized roof can gather up to four thousand litres of water during a single rain event.

To put this in perspective; a typical household of three individuals can use 900 litres of water every day. This includes about 100 litres every time you take a bath, about 12 litres every time you flush a toilet, and about six litres every time you wash your hands thoroughly.  Thus a water tank or rainwater tank could pay for itself relatively quickly, especially as water tariff increases around the world are set to rise exponentially.

Source: Directory Spotlight Edited (Hannah Cribb)

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South Africa is classified as a water scarce country so installing a water tank is definitely highly recommended. Plastic water tanks are both affordable and easy to install. Whether the water tank is used to store borehole water, municipal water or for rainwater harvesting, the peace of mind of having reserve water supplies in a time where municipalities are struggling to keep up with the demand for water, is immeasurable.  A water tank also allows one to apply further treatment or filtration of the water before it leaves the tank so giving one a degree of control over water quality.

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