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Greywater for garden irrigation

Greywater recycling when used in conjunction with rain water tanks, can make a household virtually water self-sufficient. Greywater reuse for garden irrigation can take the form of a simple bucket to more sophisticated automated irrigation systems. Greywater irrigation has a number of benefits to the environment and will save on water bills. Image courtesy of Oasis […]

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Benefits of Greywater Irrigation

Investing in greywater recycling systems and rain water tanks has a number of significant benefits. Grey water irrigation systems are simple to implement; see the benefits outlined in the article below. One thing to always remember with greywater systems is that untreated grey water should not be stored in tanks for longer than 24 hours […]

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Why Natural Gardening?

It is important to remember that opting for alternatives to synthetic garden inputs is important, but also part of a wider system of enhancing natural cycles in your garden.  What is also needed is a changed approach to gardening because the transition to organics goes hand-in-hand with these system-wide changes of bringing nature back into […]

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Plan for Greener Landscaping

If you’re trying to make your landscape more sustainable, one important thing to do is to reduce the size of your lawn and add more native plants, trees and shrubs. If you’re trying to make your landscape more sustainable, one important thing to do is to reduce the size of your lawn and add more […]

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5 Ways to ‘Green’ Your Lawn and Garden Care

Where Does Your Water Come From? An important question that few people in the U.S. can answer. For most people, their city or town collects water from a lake or river. Of course, before reaching a specific water body, water first falls as rain or snow and then flows across land and through soil. Water’s […]

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Flushing the toilet with greywater

When we first moved into our house almost 5 years ago we were told the shower in the master bathroom had a leak, but that it had been fixed. The inspector checked it out and it looked good. For a while. Slowly, over the course of months and years, the drip returned.

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Dumping contaminates water

Municipality blames ‘old bicycles’ thrown in system A Free State municipality has blamed the contamination of its drinking water on “people throwing building rubble and bicycles” into the water-purification system. The Moqhaka local municipality, which is responsible for Kroonstad, Steynsrus and Viljoenskroon, in the north-eastern Free State, has been dealing with water shortages and contamination […]

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Can Installing Water Saving Devices Really Save You Money?

With environmental concerns becoming a major issue in this country, many people wish to “do their part” in water conservation and other “green” issues. But does installing water saving devices really have an effect on the environment?  Advertisers are constantly telling consumers that not only do water saving devices help conserve water, they will also […]

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Countdown to “Free” Renewable Energy from Sewage Begins

They prefer to call it wastewater, but the bottom line is that researchers at the University of Nevada are close to commercializing a process for generating renewable energy from sewage sludge.  The energy could be used to run equipment at the plants, which is a big deal because sewage treatment plants (okay, so wastewater treatment […]

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