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Water: A Global Issue That Requires Collaboration

The world faces a projected 40 percent shortfall in freshwater by 2030, according to a study by the 2030 Water Resources Group. Seventy percent of the water humans use now goes toward agriculture. So it’s no surprise that the central theme of the annual World Water Week conference held last week in Stockholm is how […]

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Water flows through heart of sustainability challenges

It is in the interests of big business to work with government to ensure the best use of water in the increasingly water-stressed country of South Africa. TEN years ago, South Africa was the focal point of the world media as the host country of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD). Held a decade […]

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How much water does it take to make 1 litre of beer?

How much water is contained in one beer? According to a new a report, quite a lot actually.  Every litre of beer enjoyed by thirsty South Africans takes about 155l to make, according to a report published by SABMiller in association with The World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  More than 98% of the water used is […]

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