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Managing water stored in rain water tanks

Rainwater tanks are becoming more widely used, especially in water scarce South Africa where municipal water supplies can also be unreliable. Rainwater in tanks needs to be managed to ensure it is safely and efficiently utilised: A first flush or mesh sieve should be installed before the rainwater enters the water tank. Also ensure that […]

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Video: How to clean & maintain rain gutters & downspouts

Cleaning and maintaining gutters is important, especially if you harvest rainwater from your rooftop and store it in rain water tanks. Watch this video for some helpful tips. Should you require water tanks for rainwater harvesting or any liquid storage requirement, we recommend the best-known and trusted tank manufacturer in South Africa, JoJo Tanks. Click […]

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7 Top Rainwater Harvesting Tank Tips

Follow these tips when installing your water tanks for rainwater harvesting systems. We always recommend larger water tanks if space permits – small water tanks tend to fill up and overflow too quickly. 1.Position the water tank correctly. Water tanks are best positioned on the side of the house that receives the most shade, to allow […]

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Water tanks – where to place them

Once you have selected the best type and size of water tank suited to your requirements, you will need to manoeuvre the tank to your pre-selected spot. Here are some tips to help you decide where your water tank should be installed. If it is a rainwater tank, the tank should be placed at a […]

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Underground water tank or aboveground tank: which to buy?

This is a choice that may face the prospective water tank buyer. We will briefly outline the pros and cons of both types of water tanks and where one may be a better option than the other. In general, underground water tanks will be more expensive than aboveground water tanks. This is due to the […]

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Importance of choosing a high quality poly water tank

There are thousands of manufacturers of ‘plastic’ or polyethylene water tanks and it can be a daunting choice when trying to decide which brand to buy. Here are a few factors that should be considered when choosing a poly water tank: Cost: This is often the first and most important factor influencing consumers’ choices when […]

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Video: 10 Tips for Conserving Water

Water saving tips can never be repeated too many times, especially in South Africa where water scarcity is a reality. For those that prefer watching a video for quick information transfer, watch the short video below for 10 tips on saving water at home. The next step is to install water conservation systems such as […]

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Rainwater Collection System Installation Tips

The article below discusses some important installation requirements. In South Africa, instead of ‘rain barrels’ we recommend water tanks of larger capacity – 5000 litre tanks, 10000 litre tanks or even the big 20000 litre tank for certain applications. One or two small rain barrels quickly fill up and overflow during a good rain event. […]

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12 Steps to Creating a Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

While installing a water tank is the first step to harvesting rainwater, there is other hardware that should considered to improve the efficiency of the system. Installing these extra components also reduces water tank maintenance requirements. Here are 12 steps to creating a complete rainwater harvesting system: Check ROOF SURFACE is suitable for collecting quality rainwater. Install GUTTER […]

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