Water tanks – where to place them

Once you have selected the best type and size of water tank suited to your requirements, you will need to manoeuvre the tank to your pre-selected spot.

water tanks for sale
Here are some tips to help you decide where your water tank should be installed.

  • If it is a rainwater tank, the tank should be placed at a point beneath the lowest gutter of the building (a low profile 5000 litre tank or even a low profile 10000 litre tank may fit in better than a standard vertical water tank).
  • The building’s internal plumbing as well water supply pipes running into the building should also be taken into account to prevent having to install long connection pipes to the water tank (which could be costly, especially if paving must be lifted and redone).
  • Aesthetics are important to many – having a water tank installed right near main entrance would not be a good idea. Make use of existing walls and/or foliage to hide the tank and position it where it is least noticeable where possible.
  • Elevation is useful if pressure is to be generated by gravity. This can be achieved by placing the water tank at the highest point on the property to maximise the benefit. Remember one bar of pressure is created by every 1o metres rise. A water tank stand may be necessary on properties with little gradient.
  • If space is an issue, an underground water tank may be an option. Heavy duty underground tanks such as the JoJo 6000 litre underground tank can even be installed under driveways if properly installed. Positioning of the underground tank will also be affected by existing plumbing, other service lines, foundations and specific building regulations.

It is preferable to decide on the size and type of tank and where it will be placed before buying a tank rather than getting a tank and trying to make it fit somewhere on the property. The dimensions of water tanks are readily obtained from water tank manufacturers (and the dimensions of JoJo Tanks water tanks are available on this website; see vertical water tanks and horizontal water tanks).

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