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Do water tanks make life easier?

Whether the home is classified as a humble, low-income building or whether it is a mansion, in South Africa, a water tank or two can definitely ‘make life easier’. Many low-income households in South Africa typically rely on water collected from distant rivers or wells or at best, a communal water point where they may […]

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Video: How to build a rain barrel or small rainwater tank system

Watch this great video on how to build a simple rainwater harvesting system using rain barrels or small water tanks. Ensure the rain barrels/rainwater tanks/water drums are of good quality polyethylene so that they will last for many years. In South Africa, JoJo Tanks offer an 8-year warranty on their vertical and horizontal water tanks; […]

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Water tanks increase the value of properties in South Africa

Professionally installed water tanks will always increase the value and/or desirability of a property in South Africa. South Africa is a water scarce nation with an average annual rainfall below the global average. South Africa’s freshwater resources are under immense pressure from the demand of 50 million+ citizens, especially in urban and peri-urban areas where […]

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NOS’s Photoflow: Rainwater Harvesting Joins Solar Power

This type of innovative technology that solves power generation issues and well as water issues in an eco-friendly way, is exactly what the world needs. Solar panels coupled with a rainwater harvesting surface and water tanks make the Photoflow ideal for urban and rural areas alike. NOS’s Photoflow: Rainwater Harvesting Joins Solar Power Developing countries […]

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water tank level gauge

How to make a simple water tank level gauge

There are many ways of making gauge levels for water tanks as well as a few commercially available options.  Here is a very simple and effective DIY method of making a low cost water level checker for your above-ground water tank or water reservoir: The water tank level indicator basically consists of some type of […]

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ground water pollution

China: Water safety a major concern, groundwater polluted

Groundwater pollution is a growing problem, not only in China but in other parts of the world too, including South Africa.  In some cases, the only truly safe, unpolluted water can be obtained from rainwater harvesting and rain water tanks.  Many homes and businesses in South Africa obtain part or all of their water from […]

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Useful tips for inspecting & maintaining your JoJo water tank

JoJo water tanks and chemical tanks are made from high grade HDPE/polyethylene and are guaranteed for 5 years.  JoJo tanks do not require a high level of maintenance and do not rust like metal/steel tanks.  However, there are a few things to check to ensure the best performance from your jojo water tank or rainwater […]

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Solar Energy Gains Steam—or Rather, Hydrogen

Solar power is arguably the cleanest energy source there is. But it’s also relatively inefficient—arguable from a technical standpoint, perhaps, but certainly not from a practical one. That can soon change. A new Atlantic report says that inventor Lonnie Johnson may have figured out how to turn solar heat into electricity with twice the efficiency […]

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