Should You Check Out a Rain Harvesting Workshop?

Rainwater harvesting is increasingly becoming a necessity, especially in water scarce South Africa.  Rainwater harvesting workshops and internet resources, such as on this website, are invaluable for gaining information about how to set up a rainwater system and install rain water tanks.  For those who would prefer professionals to install a rainwater system and water tanks, there are various companies that specialise in these installations.

With widespread drought conditions around the world and the expense of water, not to mention the scarcity of water, rain harvesting is becoming a major topic of conversation. It’s also the reason rain harvesting workshops have been popping up everywhere throughout the country.

Not sure how to install a rain barrel or rain water tank in your home or workplace? Or what plants are beneficial for a rain harvesting garden? Want to learn how to maintain your rain barrel or water tank?

From design to installation to benefits of rainwater harvesting, all the main essentials are covered in rain harvesting workshops. When participants attend a rainwater harvesting workshop, they will have all the knowledge they need to effectively plan and design their own rainwater harvesting system.

People understand that harvesting rainwater presents many beneficial options. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how many options are available for collecting the water, much less the best methods of doing so in their situations.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Workshops

Besides learning about how to build a rainwater harvesting system and the best practices of managing such a system, people who attend this kind of workshop learn the importance of harvesting rain. Specifically, participants learn that it doesn’t involve artificial filtration methods or devices. It introduces no harmful chemicals into the air or into the water (for the sake of “purifying” the water), and it requires the use of no electricity, gasoline, or other fuel to distribute.

water tanks for storing rainwater

Falling rain is naturally clean water.

Additionally, rainwater harvesting allows ordinary citizens to have the green lawns, the lush personal gardens, and even the clean cars they desire without inciting the ire of neighbors or risking fines for running water. Other benefits of rainwater collection include reductions in erosion and flooding, saving money on water costs, reducing runoff pollution, and conserving ground water.

How Much Good Can One Person Do By Attending a Workshop?

A lot, actually. And this is the main reason it is beneficial to attend a rain harvesting workshop.

Just one inch of rainfall can yield up to 1,800 gallons of rain from the roof of a 3,000-square-foot home with rainwater harvesting, according to The Ecology Center.

Every person participating in rainwater harvesting is a step in the right direction. It’s like any other change people make in the world – the actions of one person affect the lives and lifestyles of many other people.

Why Attend a Rain Harvesting Workshop?

People interested in harvesting rainwater, or those who are simply curious about whether it’s an appealing prospect for them, can gain a lot of insight into the process, the costs, and the interruption to daily life rainwater harvesting presents. More importantly, they can learn about the many different ways harvested rainwater can be used to improve their lives whether drought conditions exist in their regions or not.

rain tanks

Finding a Workshop Near You

Rainwater harvesting workshops are fairly easy to find. Many of them are held by community water utility providers. Visit your local water company’s website to find out if any are being held and whether or not there are any requirements for attendance. Also check out local conservation groups and meet-up organizations in addition to local libraries, which often provide resources for community events such as this. Be sure to to check out the online reputation of a rain harvesting workshop before signing up to ensure it will be worth your time.

Rain harvesting workshops present workable solutions people can use where they live to collect and distribute harvested rainwater in a manner that presents little or no interruptions to their lifestyles. The more people know about rainwater harvesting, the better they will be able to put it to work for them.

Visit a workshop today to learn how harvested rainwater helps families, communities, and the planet.

Source: Elizabeth Magill (Freelance writer Elizabeth Magill is an author who writes articles, blog posts, news stories, guides, and eBooks on a variety of topics, including health, medical, and many business topics.)

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