South Africa: WWF-SA and Woolworths partner for sustainability

The World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa (WWF-SA) and retailer Woolworths on Thursday announced a three-year partnership to drive greater sustainability through selected Woolworths products and operations.

World Wide Fund for Nature South AfricaThe partnership recognises the growing congruence between WWF-SA’s and Woolworths’ interests in the conservation of energy; freshwater ecosystems; the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices; and the protection of fish stocks.

Woolworths would work with its suppliers on targets in its dairy, beef, seafood and textiles operations, as well as furthering its carbon and water efficiency strategies, it said.

WWF-SA has already collaborated with Woolworths on a successful sustainable agricultural programme, Farming for the Future, and WWF-SA’s sustainable fishing initiative.

Woolworths head of sustainability Justin Smith said: “One of the things we’ve learnt since we launched our Good Business Journey in 2007 is that, together with customers, suppliers and business partners, we can deliver greater sustainability to benefit both the environment and the people we support through our business.

“Partnerships have helped us achieve 80% of the five-year targets we set in 2007.”

The company’s sustainability programme, which it calls its Good Business Journey, plans to make a difference in six priority areas: sustainable farming, protecting water supplies, reducing energy use, improving the management of waste, making a significant contribution to social development, and supporting transformation initiatives.

WWF-SA market transformation manager Tatjana von Bormann said: “This partnership with Woolworths is a key achievement aligned with our strategic goal of creating green economies. It forms part of our Sustainable Business initiative where we work with influential companies and their value chains to improve the way products are produced, processed and consumed.”

Source: Business Day Live (By Zeenat Moorad)

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