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Water Tank Installation Guidelines & Tips

Water tank installation guidelines for polyethylene or plastic water tanks may vary slightly between different manufacturers and should be checked. The article below is a fairly generic guideline on installing poly rainwater tanks for domestic use. Site Preparation There are several factors that will determine the most appropriate location of your rain water tank. First walk […]

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The Benefits of Plastic Underground Water Tanks

Plastic or poly underground water tanks are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa for a number of reasons. Space considerations are one reason. Underground water tanks are also safe from vandals and they keep water cool. Where bush fires are a potential hazard, underground tanks are also well protected from fire. The article below elaborates […]

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A case for poly underground water storage tanks

Underground water tanks are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. Due to the excavation requirements, it is easier to install underground water tanks during the construction phase of a home/development but they can still be installed at existing properties. Here are a few advantages of underground water tanks: Space: Where space is at a premium, […]

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Can normal water tanks be buried underground?

There is sometimes some confusion as to whether standard water tanks can be buried under ground, with soil up against the sides and tops.  In most cases, the answer is no. Standard vertical water tanks should never be totally buried unless the manufacturer specifically states that this is possible.  Most standard vertical water tanks are […]

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What features should the ideal underground water tank have?

Underground water tanks can be a better alternative to standard above-ground water tanks but they must be properly constructed and designed to withstand pressure exerted on the walls when buried underground. Here are some features which the ideal underground water tank should possess: The underground tank should be of a useful capacity for storing worthwhile […]

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South Africa: WWF-SA and Woolworths partner for sustainability

The World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa (WWF-SA) and retailer Woolworths on Thursday announced a three-year partnership to drive greater sustainability through selected Woolworths products and operations. The partnership recognises the growing congruence between WWF-SA’s and Woolworths’ interests in the conservation of energy; freshwater ecosystems; the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices; and the protection […]

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Desalinated Water via Solar Still

Desalinated water via ‘coffee pot’ solar still

Most of us take our coffee pots for granted, thinking nothing of how that technology can be applied to bringing potable water to the masses. Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti has taken the concept of an upside coffee maker and turned it into a solar desalinator called the eliodomestico. Here’s how it works:

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Zimbabwe’s water shortages in schools

The government is concerned about water shortages in schools across the country, according to the Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture David Coltart. Zimbabwe’s schools opened for the third term on September 11 and the persistent water cuts are exposing children to disease.

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Zuni Water Harvesting Techniques

Joel Glanzberg is a palaeohydrologist — he studies water use of ancient American Indians in the Southwest. He says the Zuni in New Mexico used sunken beds called “waffle gardens” for growing high-value crops like tobacco and chiles.

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