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Water, Water, Anywhere?

This brief article relates to global water scarcity; in many countries, such as South Africa, water scarcity is already an everyday issue for millions of people. Water conservation measures such as rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling can help reduce the demand on conventional water supplies.  Rain water tanks ensure a degree of water security […]

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Rainwater From Rainwater Tanks: Filter Types According To Use

Rainwater is inherently pure before it reaches a collection surface or the ground but, as the article below discusses, rainwater from your rain water tanks must be appropriately filtered according to the intended use of the rainwater.  It is also important to store the rainwater in water tanks that are certified for storing potable water […]

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Water Harvesting in Desert Conditions

While most parts of South Africa cannot be classified as desert, the country as a whole receives annual rainfall that is below the global average and is classified as a water scarce nation.  This article presents some good tips and ideas about making the most of rainwater harvesting and rain water tanks. Living in a […]

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New Zealand: Rain water tanks may be a lifeline

Installing rainwater tanks is a wise investment wherever you are in the world.  After a natural or man-made disaster, rainwater tanks could mean the difference between queuing for hours at a community water distribution point or having rainwater available on tap at home.  Rain water tanks can also ensure homeowners have a supply of water […]

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Western Cape: Kleinmond-harvested rainwater not fit for human consumption

The article below serves as a reminder that if rainwater from water tanks is to be used for drinking, it must be adequately purified.  Rainwater is naturally pure and probably the healthiest water to drink before it reaches the collection surface.  Once it is channelled through pipes and gutters, it can be contaminated by debris […]

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Rainwater harvesting reduces dependence on municipal water

A great article on how to make a simple, inexpensive rainwater harvesting system.  We always recommend installing more water storage capacity than you think you need as it is surprising how quickly a thunder shower can fill even a large 10000 litre water tank! Some states in the US have restrictions on rainwater harvesting, fortunately […]

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Rain water tanks reduce water bills

Although this article is written from an Australian perspective, it is very much applicable to the conditions in South Africa.  Having a 5000 litre, 10000 litre, 15000 litre or even a 20000 litre water tank installed as a reserve for rainwater or even municipal water, is a very wise investment where water supply cuts and […]

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Couple turns to rainwater harvesting due to health issues

This article is a great example of how rainwater harvesting can ensure a household never runs out of water and the health benefits of using rainwater are clear too.  Another point that this article touches on is storage capacity – serious rainwater harvesters know that sufficient size and quantity of water tanks is important, especially […]

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Preparing your site for rainwater tank installation

Although these installation guidelines are for polyethylene tanks made by Teampoly (Australia), the same guidelines and recommendations are generally true for most ‘plastic’ or poly water tank installations in South Africa too.  JoJo Tanks is recommend in South Africa as their high quality poly tanks are guaranteed for 8 years and JoJo steel tank stands […]

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