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JoJo 750 litre Slimline rain water tank information

The JoJo Tanks 750 litre ‘Slimline’ rainwater tanks (and 750 liter buffer water tanks) are very popular with South African homeowners; here is some more information about these water tanks. Each JoJo 750 litre Slimline rainwater tank has the following: -An inlet/overfl ow with a 40 mm female thread. -An outlet with a 40 mm […]

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jojo water tanks

Water saving tips for learning institutions

Detailed list of water saving tips for schools, colleges & universities presented below. These should also include rainwater harvesting tanks & greywater recycling. South Africa’s learners should be educated about water conservation, especially as we live in a water scarce country. Rain water tanks are an excellent visual aid to education in this regard and […]

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Water conservation & efficiency in hospitals

Hospital rooftops make ideal collecting surfaces for rainwater harvesting and there is usually ample space for installing large water tanks – 10000 litre tanks, 15000 litre tanks or even 20000 litre tanks, connected in series results in substantial water storage. The article below outlines more conventional means of saving water but hospitals and other institutions […]

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The Pros & Cons of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

The advantages of installing rain water tanks definitely outweigh the disadvantages but it is a good to know the possible downsides, as the article below outlines. When choosing a water tank for storing potable water, always ensure that it is certified food-grade and that there is no possibility of harmful chemicals leaking into the stored […]

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Video: Example of a Greywater Recovery System

This is a relatively sophisticated grey water system that directs grey water to a water tank after which it is filtered and directed to toilet cisterns. Very simply grey water irrigation systems can be considered too – the simplest being a bucket in a shower which is then manually taken to water plants or the […]

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The benefits of installing a rain water tank

Whereas this article does not recommend drinking rainwater from rain water tanks, we feel that if properly filtered/purified, rainwater is a perfectly good source of water to drink from. In fact, rainwater from your rain water tank  (after filtration) could be far healthier for drinking than chemical-laden municipal water. Install a rainwater tank and save […]

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Video: The BioSand Water Filter

Biosand water filters are one of the many ways of ensuring safe drinking water, whether it is rainwater from your rain water tank or water from another source. The video below describes how a biosand filter works. Biosand water filters are simple in design and those people with some DIY skills should have no problem […]

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10 convincing reasons to install rain water tanks

In South Africa where water scarcity is a daily reality for many, it should become second nature to save water wherever possible. It should not take too much convincing to show that installing rain water tanks is very worthwhile but here are 10 reasons: Rainwater is FREE! Don’t you want free water? Rainwater tanks and […]

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The benefits of large water tanks vs impoundments for irrigation water

In many cases, irrigation water for golf courses, fields and farms is piped to a temporary storage site before being pumped to the irrigation system where it’s needed. A large poly water tank or a series of large water tanks can offer many benefits over a fixed concrete or earthen impoundment; here are some points […]

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