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rain water tanks

Video: Rain barrel tips & facts

Another great video with some rain barrel or small water tank facts and tips for the home owner. Rain barrels  or small water drums fill up very quickly during a heavy downpour which often results in most of the rainwater overflowing and thus going to waste. In water scarce South Africa, we recommend larger water […]

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plastic water tanks south africa

Why do JoJo Tanks products sometimes command a premium over other brands?

As can be expected, high quality water tanks such as polyethylene storage tanks made by JoJo Tanks can be more expensive than inferior quality tanks made by some other manufacturers.  Here are some reasons why you should be happy to pay a little more for a JoJo water tank or other JoJo storage tank. Unlike […]

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jojo water tanks

Miss Earth helps with donation of a JoJo water tank

Another generous donation by JoJo Tanks for South Africa’s children. Installing rain water tanks in rural areas is especially important where no municipal water supplies exist and in this case where the installation of the 5000 litre water tank will result in significant savings on the municipal water bill. THANKS TO MISS EARTH KIDS HAVE […]

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plastic water tanks

Water tanks: What’s best – plastic, steel, fibreglass, concrete or wood?

While there are situations where certain materials are favoured over plastic or polyethylene tanks, there are not many. We recommend high quality rotational moulded poly tanks for some of the  reasons mentioned below. Plastic vs steel tanks: Plastic or polyethylene tanks are lighter, easier to transport, do not rust or corrode and are comparatively less […]

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septic tank prices

Septic Tanks – Basic Information

The article below outlines some basic information about septic tanks. Traditionally, septic tanks have been concrete; we recommend high quality polyethylene septic tanks made by JoJo Tanks in South Africa. Septic Systems Most homes in rural areas are serviced by a septic system rather than a sewer system.  Septic systems are small onsite waste water treatment […]

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JoJo Tanks

An overview of some the types of poly storage tanks available in South Africa

There are many types and sizes of plastic or polyethylene water tanks available; here is an overview of what is available from one of South Africa’s best-known poly tank manufacturers, JoJo Tanks: Standard vertical tanks: These are probably the most common type of poly tank and probably the type that most are familiar with. Vertical […]

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water tank prices

7 Top Rainwater Harvesting Tank Tips

Follow these tips when installing your water tanks for rainwater harvesting systems. We always recommend larger water tanks if space permits – small water tanks tend to fill up and overflow too quickly. 1.Position the water tank correctly. Water tanks are best positioned on the side of the house that receives the most shade, to allow […]

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jojo tank stands

Some good reasons to install water tanks on tank stands

In South Africa, there are many cases where water tank stands offer excellent advantages compared to placing the tank at ground level. The primary reason for installing water tanks on water tank stands is so that pressure can be created using gravity. Once the water is pumped up to the water tank, there will always […]

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plastic chemical tanks

Ensure that you choose the right plastic tank for chemical storage

Polyethylene or ‘plastic’ chemical tanks are becoming the material of choice for many industrial applications but it is important to choose a high quality tank that is designed to store the chemical in question. Poly chemical tanks for use in the chemical storage and processing and the water and waste treatment industries must not be […]

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