Reduce Your Water Bill with a Rain Water Tank

Also help reduce harmful runoff with rain water harvesting

rain water tank

JoJo Slimline Rainwater Tank

If you are not ready to install a green roof yet, you can achieve some of the same benefits with a low-cost solution: a rain barrel or rainwater tank, which captures rain water that would otherwise run off of your roof.

One of the main benefits is to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff. Typically rain water flows off roofs, driveways, parking lots and other “impervious surfaces” into storm drains, which discharge either into community sewer systems or into nearby streams.

In the first case, rain over-burdens sewers, leading to overflows that can contaminate public swimming beaches. In the latter case, rushing stormwater can erode stream banks, introduce pollutants and ruin habitat for fish and other aquatic life.

A second benefit is for your wallet. You can use water captured in rain barrels to irrigate your lawn and garden, saving on utility bills. (In water-stressed regions, or during droughts, this water-conservation technique may be a necessity, given the imperative to conserve water.)

The drier the climate, the more water gets dumped outdoors, according to research by Aquacraft. In the desert Southwest, as much as 60% of home water usage occurs outdoors, whereas the figure is as low as 20% in wetter regions, like the Northeast. In summer, not surprisingly, the percentage of water used outdoors spikes, as we water lawns and gardens.

As Environmental Work Group recently pointed out, if we use tap water to irrigate, we’re essentially wasting our own tax dollars, which have gone toward treating that liquid to drinking water standards.

Commercial rain barrels can be attractive, and can be built to prevent mosquito breeding and make hooking up gardening hoses easy. But you can also make your own rain barrel (The Environmental Protection Agency offers a how-to pdf.

Source: The Daily Green (Dan Shapley)

JoJo Tanks’ Slimline rainwater tank is both attractive and practical for urban situations.  Of course, should you require more water storage capacity (knowing that a single rain event can fill a 5000 litre water tank in a very short time), larger capacity plastic water tanks can be used for storing rainwater.  Having a water tank in South Africa is great for storing municipal water for the ever-increasing times of water supply cuts.

JoJo’s superior plastic water tanks and water tank stands make JoJo Tanks the leaders in plastic water tank technology and the quality, affordability and guarantee on these water tanks make JoJo products the best choice in South Africa.  JoJo’s water tanks and chemical tanks come standard with a number of features that are often lacking on cheaper/inferior plastic tanks made by other companies.

JoJo Tanks (South Africa) offer a wide range of plastic water tanks and chemical tanks to suit every household, business or agricultural need.  See JoJo Tanks VERTICAL TANKS, HORIZONTAL TANKS, STEEL TANK STANDS and OTHER JOJO PRODUCTS. Also see JoJo TanksNEW 6000 LITRE UNDERGROUND TANKS. Also see our FAQ and WATER TANK PRICES.

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