Hartbeespoort Dam drinking water unsafe

hartbeespoort dam

Hartbeespoort Dam - water unsafe to drink

Authorities have finally admitted the drinking water sourced from the Hartbeespoort Dam is not safe.

Last month Eyewitness News reported on a serious sewerage spill at the dam. At the time the Madibeng Municipality insisted the tap water in the area was safe.

A statement has now been issued, however, urging people not to drink water unless it has been boiled.

In its statement, the municipality blames vulnerabilities in the water system for contamination.

It also states that an unforeseen crisis has caused a water shortage.

This about turn comes weeks after Eyewitness News reported that workers at the Hartbeespoort water purification plant would not drink the water they themselves had treated.

Madibeng officials have advised residents to boil water for drinking, washing dishes and brushing their teeth.

Source: Eyewitness News

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