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10 Reasons To Buy A Water Tank

In South Africa, water scarce nation where water issues are increasingly serious, there shouldn’t really be a need for much convincing when it comes to water tanks. However, here are 10 great reasons to install a water tank. Water tanks can save you money if used for storing rain water for domestic and commercial purposes Having a water […]

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Some ideas for making water tanks less visible

Many people are proud to display their water tanks but sometimes water tanks need to be made less visible for various reasons such as building codes. Here are some tips and ideas for reducing the visibility of water tanks: Instead of buying one or two large vertical water tanks, perhaps consider buying more smaller tanks; […]

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Can rain water tanks really save money?

After the cost of buying rainwater tanks and the installation costs (if you do not do it yourself), does rainwater harvesting really save money? The answer is a definite yes! The question of how much money, depends on the following factors: Your local rainfall patterns Your municipal water tariffs The quantity of rainwater you are […]

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When it rains, harvest the rainwater!

Whether you are in the US or Africa or anywhere that has potential water supply issues, harvest the rain and store it in rain water tanks. As the article below mentions, it need not be complex but the sky is the limit! Rainwater is free – harvest it! Rainwater harvesting can be as simple as […]

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5 Tips for Effective Water Harvesting for Your Landscape

Harvesting rainwater is free and there are very few reasons not to install rainwater harvesting tanks.  The article below outlines more easy tips to harvesting this free and precious resource.  Rainwater from rain water tanks is generally used for non-potable purposes but there is also no reason why it cannot be used for all household […]

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Water conservation systems: rain water tanks or grey water recycling?

So you’ve decided to install a water conservation system at your home or business; now you need to decide what type of water system would best suit your circumstances: rain water tanks or grey water recycling? The short answer would be both!  However, certain buildings and situations will be more suited to rainwater harvesting tanks […]

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