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cleaning water tanks

Do it yourself water tank cleaning

You may not find a water tank service contractor in your area and/or you may want to save money by cleaning your water tanks yourself. Water tanks should be inspected and cleaned regularly, especially if the water source is not crystal clear.  Water tank cleaning is fairly straightforward, depending on the size, shape and type […]

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water tanks for sale

Some considerations when positioning water tanks

Whether a water tank or water tanks are purchased for a business or a home, there are some important considerations that should be taken into account when positioning them on the property. The shape and size of the property as well as the intended use of the water tank or water tanks will play a […]

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jojo tanks prices

How can water tanks save you money and trouble?

After their initial purchase expense, water tanks can save businesses and homeowners money and hassle.  It is wise to buy good quality water tanks in the first place so that a long service life is assured.  Best quality polyethylene water tanks are relatively inexpensive when one considers the advantages. Here are some ways in which […]

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