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Video: The BioSand Water Filter

Biosand water filters are one of the many ways of ensuring safe drinking water, whether it is rainwater from your rain water tank or water from another source. The video below describes how a biosand filter works. Biosand water filters are simple in design and those people with some DIY skills should have no problem […]

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VIDEO: Slow sand water filter for rainwater harvesting tanks

If rainwater from rain water tanks is to be used for potable purposes, it should always be filtered and/or purified. Sand filters are one way of cleaning water from rainwater harvesting systems and rainwater tanks; watch this video of a DIY rainwater filtration system. Always choose high quality water tanks for storing rainwater and other […]

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VIDEO: How a biosand water filter works

Biosand and slow sand filters are very useful for filtering water for drinking in poor communities or for those who want to go ‘off-grid’ and construct such a water filter themselves.  Rainwater stored in rain water tanks should be filtered before drinking; in many a cases a biosand filter will purify the water make it […]

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