5 Compelling Reasons to Install Rain Water Tanks at Home

jojo water tanksThere are many more good reasons to install rainwater harvesting systems and rain water tanks but here are five great reasons:

1. Become less dependent on municipal water supplies

Collecting your own rainwater allows you to become less dependent on municipal or other water supplies; especially important during water supply cuts – a growing problem in many towns and cities in South Africa.  Water tanks allow homeowners to store thousands of litres of rainwater (or municipal water) for times such as these.  When water restrictions are in force, your rainwater from rain barrels or rain water tanks will keep your garden and lawn alive and healthy too.

2. Rainwater tanks save money!

Depending on your roof surface area, local rainfall characteristics and number or water storage tanks, it is possible for homeowners to become virtually self-sufficient for their water supply.  This means that water bills are nil or become very low (usually just a nominal service fee to stay connected).  Rainwater harvesting and rainwater tanks save money!

3. Be good to the environment

Urban areas are mostly paved or covered with roads, buildings and parking surfaces.  This means that during rain event, stormwater runoff is unnaturally high and the peri-urban streams and waterways cannot cope with the vast quantities of storm water which results in streambank erosion and degradation of local aquatic ecosystems.  Stormwater from yards, roads and factory grounds also carries pollutants and pesticides which enter local aquatic ecosystems and cause further degradation.  Urban rainwater harvesting reduces stormwater runoff and keeps the rainwater on the property for a wide variety of uses.

4. Make your lawn and garden flourish

Rainwater is much better for plant growth; studies have shown that lawns and gardens irrigated with rainwater grow much better than those watered with chemical-laden municipal water.  Chlorine is often found in supposedly ‘safe’ concentrations in municipal water; this chemical is toxic to many organisms, including plants, even at very low concentrations.  Rainwater irrigation should make a big difference to the health of your garden and lawn.

5. Look after your health

As above, municipal water is generally unpleasant for humans too.  Bathing in municipal water that has been chlorinated can negatively affect human health in the long term.  The same applies when drinking ‘safe’ municipal water – it is not only normally unpleasant to drink, it could be bad for your health too.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of showering or bathing in rainwater will attest to the difference in the ‘softness’ of the water (especially noticeable when washing hair).  Rainwater is pure before it reaches your rooftop but if you intend drinking it, it is highly recommended that it be filtered to remove any possible contaminants that it may have collected on your rooftop or gutters.  So rainwater harvesting is good for your health too!

It is important to choose rainwater tanks or water tanks from reputable brands so that the stored rainwater is kept free from potentially leached chemicals from the water tank walls, rust and materials that may affect the taste/smell of the water.  We recommend water tanks and other products manufactured by JoJo Tanks South Africa.

All JoJo vertical water tanks and horizontal water tanks are made from food-grade polyethylene and have an FDA-approved internal lining  that keeps the stored water fresher for longer and inhibits algae growth.

JoJo Tanks South Africa offer a wide range of products such as plastic water tanks and chemical tanks to suit every household, business or agricultural need, including silo tanks and silo tank stands as well as other high quality JoJo Tanks products.  See JoJo Tanks’ VERTICAL TANKS, HORIZONTAL TANKS (transporter tanks), STEEL TANK STANDS and OTHER JOJO PRODUCTS and see JoJo Tanks’ NEW 6000 LITRE UNDERGROUND TANKS. Also see our FAQ and WATER TANK PRICES.

JoJo’s superior polyethylene plastic water tanks and steel water tank stands make JoJo Tanks the leaders in plastic water tank technology and the quality, affordability and 5-year guarantee on these water tanks make JoJo products one of the best choices in South Africa.  JoJo’s water tanks and chemical tanks come standard with a number of features that are often lacking on cheaper/inferior plastic tanks made by other companies in South Africa.

We are authorised JoJo Tanks dealers in South Africa and dispatch orders directly from JoJo Tank depots to save on transport costs. Full range of JoJo Tanks products and JoJo water tanks for sale.  CONTACT US for a quote on the right JoJo water tank or other JoJo product for you.  Special discounts are available on multiple orders of chemical tanks and water tanks and to our commercial and government customers. We can usually delivery tanks and tank stands free of charge to business/commercial addresses in South Africa.


(15000 litre and 20000 litre JoJo vertical water tanks & chemical tanks are available on order directly from JoJo Tanks’ main factory)

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