Taking Green Living To The Limit: Eating Road-Kill

Living green is fundamentally based on the idea that natural resources should be used as efficiently as possible and not be wasted. This conservationist philosophy applies to energy, water, food, manufactured goods—most everything you use.

eating roadkillTake meat, for example. Eating less meat and looking for beef and pork raised without hormones and antibiotics is a well-established principle for those who try to live a green lifestyle and are not vegans.

But I was surprised to read recently that there is a growing trend that supports the eating of road-kill. Indeed, the road-kill-eating movement even has a name: “Freegans.”

Many states have regulations governing how one can take home and consume road-kill. It is argued that road-kill is healthier, not having been raised with growth hormones and drugs. It can certainly be fresher!

Even PETA supports the Freegan movement. I quote from PETA: “If people must eat animal carcasses, roadkill is a superior option to the neatly shrink-wrapped plastic packages of meat in the supermarket.”

I always felt that there were certain limits to my green living, and although I never dwelt on the idea, one of them would have been eating road-kill. I am rethinking that position. After all, a moose struck by a car on an Alaskan road can be freshly butchered and prepared. That meat can be both consumed fresh and frozen for future meals. If left by the side of the road, it will simply become fodder for bears and other scavenger animals.

Source: Living Green and Saving Energy

Our ever-increasing encroachment into the remaining animal habitats inevitably results in casualties- both accidental and deliberate.  Eating roadkill will at least mitigate our impacts a little and it does seem like a waste to leave a freshly-killed, edible animal to waste on the side of the road (many areas do not have wild scavengers anymore).  Food security along with water security are two serious issue facing the human population, therefore ‘waste not, want not!’

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