Atmospheric Water Generator: water from air!

EcoloBlue is a company that makes atmospheric water generators, in other words, it’s a water system that will have you drinking water from air!

An OFF-GRID Solution for the EcoloBlue 30 Atmospheric Water Generator:
The EcoloBlue 30 only requires 300 Watts to operate efficiently. The EB30 is specially equipped to efficiently operate at a lower consumption rate when attached to Solar Power.This EB30 Solar Panel Kit will allow the EB30 to generate between 1-3 Gallons Water / day depending on the humidity conditions and sun conditions. This solution is intended for Emergency use or Off-Grid use.

This kit is modular and can be expanded depending on individual needs by adding extra solar panels and extra batteries to allow for longer runtime.

Source: Ecobold

The solar powered, off-grid version of the atmospheric water generator would be more eco-friendly.  This is another example of how water and energy are linked.  Solar energy is clean energy and can never be depleted.  This is why Water Rhapsody has incorporated Yes Solar; we offer holistic  solar energy and water conservation systems under one roof.  Water scarcity in South Africa is a reality; obtaining water from the air is but one  green way of obtaining this precious resource.  Most of us live in houses- our rooftops are invaluable for rooftop rainwater harvesting (rain stored in rainwater tanks) and for solar water heaters!  Put your under-utilized roof to use and save money on your water bills and electricity bills. By installing Water Rhapsody’s water conservation systems, you can reduce your water bills by up to 90%. Rooftops are usually ideally positioned for maximum capture of solar energy too.  Solar power for homes is now affordable and accessible to many homeowners in South Africa; replacing an electric geyser with a solar geyser can save you up to 50% of your monthly electricity bills.  In South Africa with current Eskom tariffs, a solar geyser typically amortizes the initial cost within 36 months.  There are ways of financing solar energy systems and remember that a good quality solar energy system increases the value of a house.  Yes Solar markets and supplies Solsquare solar water heaters.  Solsquare solar geysers are Eskom- and SABS-approved and are installed by qualified solar installers so that you can claim the Eskom rebates (now is a good time to invest in a solar geyser- Eskom rebates will not last forever!).  Contact us for a free quote on a solar water heating system, water system, rainwater tank or water storage tank (we are authorized JoJo Tank dealers and can supply and install the full range of JoJo water tanks and JoJo water tank stands). We can also supply water tanks made by Atlas Plastics; our water tank prices are highly competitive.

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