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Jan Joubert established JoJo Tanks (Pty) Ltd during the 1970’s. Originally tanks were manufactured from fiberglass but in 1981, the company switched to manufacturing polyethylene tanks, using a rotational moulding process in order to supply the more robust tanks required in the agricultural and chemical industries. Today, JoJo only manufactures polyethylene tanks and is the proud market leader supplying approximately 70 % of the South African market.


JoJo is the South African market leader in the manufacturing of polyethylene storage tanks, used predominantly in the chemical and agricultural / domestic industry for the storage of water, fertilizers and various other chemicals.

The seller manufactures tanks in South Africa in a variety of shapes and sizes, using polyethylene from SASOL Polymers. JoJo sells its tanks to wholesalers, such as co-ops, hardware stores, contractors and members of the public throughout South Africa.

Apart from the product mentioned above, JoJo also manufactures a huge diversity of products, such as wheelbarrows, buckets, containers and silos. Owing to the needs of the society, JoJo extended its interests in the sanitary field, which led to JoJo being one of the major suppliers of VIP toilets, septic tanks and other sanitary-related products.

Increasing demand resulted in JoJo establishing manufacturing plants across South Africa. The company has established plants in Groblersdal (Head Office), Donkerhoek (Pretoria), Glencoe, Hopetown, Camperdown, East London and Worcester.

JoJo’s wide geographic dispersion and proximity to its major customers enables the company to provide highly cost-effective and timely service as well as to cut down on distribution expenses.

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Our product variety includes horizontal and vertical water and chemical tanks, with capacities ranging from 260- to 20 000-liters. Our range of sanitation products includes septic tanks, pit toilets, toilet huts and the EcoSan Waterless Toilet system. JoJo also manufactures products such as plastic water drums, dustbins, silo tanks, dog kennels, livestock drinking troughs and many other.

We design, develop and manufacture tanks that are tried and tested and have shown that they are more than able to withstand harsh South African weather conditions.

Technology and innovation are at the core of our business philosophy and we are committed to research and development to continuously and significantly improve the quality and durability of our products. We only use the best quality raw material and our products are developed and manufactured by highly skilled technical personnel in close collaboration with the best research departments and laboratories around the world. We take immense pride in our product range and offer a 5-year guarantee on all our products.

Source: JoJo Tanks

Water Rhapsody are proud suppliers and installers of all types of JoJo water tanks.  We are authorized JoJo  Tank dealers in South Africa and retail these high quality water tanks at very competitive prices. JoJo tanks are most often the brand of choice when used with our water conservation systems such as rainwater harvesting and grey water  recycling systems.  We also supply water tank stands and can arrange delivery and installation of all JoJo products. If you require rainwater tanks, borehole water storage tanks or water tanks for any other purpose, CONTACT US TODAY!

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