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rain tank installation video

Video: The whys and hows or rain barrel installation

With an introduction to why home-owners should keep rainwater on their properties and a clear demonstration of how to install a rain barrel or rainwater tank, this video is well worth watching. Rain barrels are fun and relatively easy to install but are quickly filled up, even with a light shower of rain. We recommend […]

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water tank tips

Install a rain water tank – tips & info

Installing a rainwater tank is an excellent way of making use of one of our most important natural resources – water tanks save water and money. If you live in the country, rainwater is probably already an important source of your water. If you live in an urban area, installing a rainwater tank gives you […]

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water tanks africa

Can water tanks really save you money?

This is a broad question but the short answer is a definite yes! How much money water tanks can save is dependent on the situation and a number of factors. Here are some instances where water tanks can save money (and hassle). Water tanks as backup water storage facilities. This is where water tanks are […]

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poly water tank

Video: How to build a rain barrel or small rainwater tank system

Watch this great video on how to build a simple rainwater harvesting system using rain barrels or small water tanks. Ensure the rain barrels/rainwater tanks/water drums are of good quality polyethylene so that they will last for many years. In South Africa, JoJo Tanks offer an 8-year warranty on their vertical and horizontal water tanks; […]

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jojo tanks

Water tanks increase the value of properties in South Africa

Professionally installed water tanks will always increase the value and/or desirability of a property in South Africa. South Africa is a water scarce nation with an average annual rainfall below the global average. South Africa’s freshwater resources are under immense pressure from the demand of 50 million+ citizens, especially in urban and peri-urban areas where […]

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The RainSaucer™: A novel approach to rainwater harvesting

This novel approach of capturing rainwater with funnel-like ‘saucers’ that direct the rainwater straight to a water tank will appeal to some, especially those that do not have gutters or just want to collect s small quantity of high quality rainwater for drinking. Why RainSaucers™? Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) is a great idea except that the […]

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rain barrels for sale

Video: How To Install Dual Rain Barrels

While there is nothing too complicated about joining two rain barrels or two water tanks in series, another solution is to purchase a bigger water tank in the first place – perhaps a 5000 litre or 10000 litre water tank. The video demonstrates two rain barrels joined together in series. Shawna Coronado demonstrates how to […]

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rain water tanks

10 Tips for Fitting a Quality Rainwater System into Your Budget

Investing in a rainwater harvesting system and water tanks can be daunting but these tips below will help you budget for a rainwater system, whether you live in the US or South Africa or anywhere else for that matter. Decided You Want the Best of the Best? 10 Tips for Fitting a Quality System into […]

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water tanks for sale

Great reasons to install rain water tanks this summer

In South Africa, good rains have begun falling over most parts of the country – businesses and home-owners should capitalise on harvesting this free source of unpolluted water from suitable rooftops and store it in water tanks. Here are some great reasons to install water tanks for storing harvested rainwater: Rainwater is FREE! Who doesn’t […]

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