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water tanks south africa

Submersible pumps vs external pumps for water tanks

Two other advantages of submersible pumps that the article below does not mention are: much quieter and inherently more difficult to steal – an important consideration in South Africa when setting up a water system or water tanks. In this world of options, one of the choices you will need to make is the type […]

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plastic tanks vs steel tanks

Choosing a water tank – steel or plastic? Some quick facts to help you

In South Africa, plastic or polyethylene water tanks (also known as poly tanks) are by far the most popular choice when it comes to choosing between plastic tanks and steel tanks. There are some good reasons for this. Reasons to choose a poly water tank: They are generally less expensive when compared to a comparably […]

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water conservation tips

Five Simple Money & Water $avers

These simple water and money saving tips are worthwhile in the long run – both financially and environmentally. Combine them with water conservation systems such as grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting tanks to potentially reduce your water bills to zero. With water bills rising and many water tables going down, it makes eco-sense and […]

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water tanks for schools

South Africa: Water for Schools Project

This is a incredibly noble and much-needed effort to ensure that South Africa’s learners are provided with clean drinking water and adequate sanitation. A borehole, water tanks, water tank stands and the required plumbing are the main requirements for this project; see the project contact details at the bottom of the article. The Water for […]

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jojo water tank sizes

Installing many small water tanks vs one or a few large tanks

So you have ascertained what storage capacity you require; should you buy a number of small water tanks or just one or two large water tanks? Advantages of installing many smaller water tanks Sometimes cost is a factor; for example three 5000 litre poly tanks will generally be less expensive than buying one 15000 litre […]

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water tanks grahamstown

South Africa: The hidden cost of water supply cuts

Many small towns in South Africa such as Grahamstown, are experiencing an increasing frequency of water supply outages.  As the article below outlines, water supply cuts cost businesses and home-owners money.  Water supply cuts can be mitigated by the installation of water tanks to store rainwater or municipal water or both – water tanks can save you […]

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