Benefits of Greywater Irrigation

Investing in greywater recycling systems and rain water tanks has a number of significant benefits. Grey water irrigation systems are simple to implement; see the benefits outlined in the article below. One thing to always remember with greywater systems is that untreated grey water should not be stored in tanks for longer than 24 hours – potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms can multiply and the smell becomes unpleasant.

grey water tanksThrough careful planning and appropriate system design, greywater reuse can provide many benefits, to the householder, garden, and the environment.

Benefits for Householders

-Reduced water bills of up to 30% can be achieved, through careful system design, which considers the most appropriate end use, whether that be irrigation or in-house reuse.

-Greywater reuse is another way to move towards a sustainable lifestyle. It increases our awareness of how the water cycle works as the factors affecting onsite wastewater disposal become familiar to the householder.

-Greywater as a resource is independent of climate and so is not affected by reductions in rainfall. It is consistent year round.

-Reduced waste water flows to the local waste water treatment plant will result in lower energy requirements, reduced pumping costs, and reduced loading on sewer infrastructure prolonging its life and delaying the requirement for significant capital renovations or expansion. The benefits of this will be seen by the householder should widespread uptake of greywater technology occur.

-Greywater which has undergone a high level of treatment can be re-used in-house, for toilet flushing and washing machines, where the demand is year round.

Benefits to the Garden

-Healthy, vibrant gardens can be maintained even during periods of drought.

-Gardens can be irrigated with greywater that has undergone only a minimal level of treatment, removal of suspended solids, through subsurface irrigation.

-Irrigation of gardens can occur during periods where water restrictions are in place.

-Greywater contains nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, that can be beneficial to plant growth, which would otherwise be wasted.

-Greywater reuse allows potable water supplies to be used only where necessary, such as irrigation of vegetable types and plants which for which greywater irrigation is inappropriate.

Benefits to the Environment

-Extraction of ground water supplies is at a sustainable rate.

-Reduced reliance on potable water supplies and provides greater security for future water supplies.

Source: Greywater Industry Group

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