Rain barrel usage tips

The article below is written in the American context but the same principles apply to most countries. In South Africa, we advocate the installation of larger water tanks – the precious rainfall in this water scarce country should be harvested to full potential. Fortunately, South Africans are allowed to harvest rainwater without any local municipal permission and should you wish to use rainwater for potable purposes, go ahead an do so but ensure that the water is adequately filtered and purified before drinking it.

rain barrel usage tips

  • Check local ordinances: Many governments and municipalities embrace rain barrel use and offer financial incentives to residents who install them. Some cities even require water-catchment systems. In Santa Fe county, New Mexico, all new residential construction must provide a means for capturing rainwater, whether a rain barrel or cistern or water tank, or land features like a berm or swale. But some states, like Colorado and Utah, limit rainwater harvesting. Colorado residents who want to install a rain barrel must qualify for and receive a well-water permit and harvest water only for house-specific uses, such as fire protection or flushing toilets (lawns and gardens do not count). In Utah, rainwater is considered state property and homeowners can’t legally harvest it. (This year, Utah lawmakers will consider legislation that would modify the existing ban for domestic uses.)
  • Don’t drink the water: Rain-barrel water is not always potable, since water caught on a roof may carry contaminants such as bird droppings and other potentially harmful matter. Likewise, rain-barrel water is not safe for cooking, bathing or overhead watering of edible plants. You can use rain-barrel water on edible plants if you drip-irrigate, but be sure to wash produce thoroughly prior to eating.
  • Think about outdoor water use: Do you wash your car or driveway frequently? Have a swimming pool to top off, or a particularly thirsty flower bed? Site your rain barrel as close as possible to one of these spots.
  • Care and maintenance: Check rain barrels regularly for vegetation and debris. Tighten connections and maintain any screens around the tank. Empty and clean the tank at least once a year to remove sediment. If mosquitoes are a problem, consider using a mosquito dunk or donut. If you live in a cold-weather area, drain the barrel to protect it from freezing temperatures.

Source: National Geographic

Do not limit your rainwater harvesting storage capability by installing small ‘rain barrels’ or drums, rather choose a water tank that has better storage capacity. The smallest that we recommend is the 750l Slimline tank which is ideal for urban buildings where space is limited and also for ‘hobby’ rainwater harvesting. For serious rainwater storage, we recommend 5000 litre tanks or even 10000 litre water tanks; click on the links below to view the wide range of JoJo Tanks products available in South Africa.

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