Water Tanks Off-Grid: Some Tips & Ideas

Living ‘off-grid’ infers that no municipal/state services are available or desired – water supply and power probably being the most important and in need of serious consideration. Water tanks are needed for storing water and off-grid living requires some careful planning for an effective water reticulation system to be implemented.
water tanks installation
Depending on the local topography, natural water resources and the extent of the home-owner’s ingenuity and resources, water tanks can be effectively utilised without any electricity supply.  If there is a spring or other suitable source of water located at a higher elevation than the homestead (for example, a spring emanating from up in the mountains behind the house) then some of this water can be diverted via canals and pipes toward where it is required.  If possible, the water tank or water tanks should be placed on tank stands above the homestead to further increase the difference in height between the bottom of the water tanks and to where the water enters the building.  This will ensure that as much pressure will be generated from gravity alone.  One Bar of pressure (14.22 P.S.I.) will result from 10 metres (32.8 ft) head of water.  So, if a 6 metre steel tank stand is erected, a further drop of 4 metres to where the house is, will result in one bar of pressure.  Some appliances need more pressure than this to operate efficiently but the chances are that an off-grid set-up is unlikely to require high water pressure.  The diameter of piping to the house and within the house can affect pressure values too.

A very common sight in South Africa is the ubiquitous windmill, often seen in rural farming areas, although many have been replaced with diesel or electric pumps.  If you live in a windy area, perhaps wind power could be employed to pump groundwater up to a water reservoir or water tank and then directed down to a lower elevation to capitalise on the pressure gains.  Again, no electricity would be required for this type of setup.  It would be important to ensure that holding tanks are of sufficient capacity (e.g. 10000 litre tanks, 15000 litre tanks or even 20000 litre tanks) to safeguard against windless days.

Another off-grid option would be to make use of solar power, especially in sunny countries like South Africa. Solar borehole pumps are very efficient and can run off relatively small solar panel arrays.  Again, ideally the groundwater would be pumped to a water tank on a high tank stand from where it can be directed to the homestead at a lower elevation.  Sufficiently large water tanks should be installed to ensure that enough stored water is available for overcast conditions.

Off-grid living was a necessity for many in the past but now it is actively being chosen by some – the satisfaction of being self-sufficient and free from the hassles of Mains supply interruptions, is significant. The cost savings from zero electricity or water bills is another compelling factor.

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