Environmentally Friendly Materials – Seagrass

For those who are looking for different styles and alternatives to the many popular eco-friendly area rugs that are currently available, you should consider seagrass area rugs.

seagrass natural flooringThese finely woven area rugs tend to be made from all-natural and imported materials that are both durable and desirable. Seagrass is similar to hemp, harvested from many naturally growing grasses that are constantly fed water, and can be harvested multiple times per year. They do not contribute to any environmental harm and they are a more affordable medium than a synthetic; they are also as readily available as well, and they have sound absorbing qualities to them.

Styles and Textures

Most seagrass area rugs come in all-natural colors, generally different hues of beige and light tans or browns that look great in just about any room in the home. There are a variety of weave patterns that you will find with these types of area rugs. However the most common will be those that are bordered, generally with cotton, wool or sisal. When trying to draw out contrasts in any room, seagrass is a perfect, neutral medium that when bordered with a darker color can really tie in the final touches on nearly any room with any type of furnishings. Because of the natural mid-tones that are found in seagrass, it even will work in lavishly decorated rooms that embody many different colors or patterns; seagrass fits in just about everywhere.

Long-lasting and Durable

The best part about seagrass rugs is that they are both durable and extremely long lasting, making them the ideal area rug for extremely high traffic areas of the home that you wish to protect your flooring with. They can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, or warm water and soap. And they should be beaten, or shaken out at least once per week to remove debris and dirt. Because of the tough and rigid, hemp-like nature of the seagrass, it can withstand even the most abusive, high traffic home for years without falling apart or decaying. And they are sound absorbing, so homes that are filled with young children can become a little quieter. So to review, they are both long-lasting and durable and they protect your carpeting, and absorb sound while looking great in most interior settings.


Finally, seagrass rugs tend to be more affordable than other materials because seagrass is cheaper to harvest and because it grows back quickly. Of the many different mediums that you can choose to find an area rug in, seagrass tends to be on the more affordable side. Considering the high durability and the many different weave patterns they come in, not to mention that most of the time the materials are imported from other countries abroad, seagrass is an affordable alternative to other pricier materials. And the fact that the materials are all-natural means that you will be doing you part to protect the environment when you choose to purchase a seagrass rug over a synthetic material area rug.

Source: FXSTD – Alternative Energy Center (Michael Lazar)

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