Hospitals Go Green and Cut Costs

hospitals go green

Hospitals are a major source of waste and energy consumption, second only to the food industry in the amount of waste produced every year.

A newly released study is showing hospitals how to reduce waste, save money and maintain quality care. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have identified strategies for more environmentally friendly practices in hospitals and operating rooms that can help reduce health care costs. The study says hospitals produce more than 4 billion pounds of waste a year including opened sterilized equipment that is never used, energy-sucking overhead lights and red bags that are labeled as medical waste with harmless trash that could be disposed of more cheaply. Researchers say the volume of waste could be reduced by 30 percent just by properly separating waste. The research team also suggests making operating rooms greener by recycling single-use medical devices, managing energy use and controlling pharmacy waste. Researchers say none of the waste reduction techniques compromise patient safety and can help hospitals go green in a more cost-conscious medical climate.

Source: Do Your Part

Hospitals also use an enormous amount of water; rainwater harvesting should be instituted as hospitals have huge roof surface areas, ideal for rainwater collection.  Likewise, solar panels could also be installed to take advantage of ideal roof positioning.

Water Rhapsody Water Conservation Systems has incorporated Yes Solar Mpumalanga so that we can offer solar water heating systems to further reduce your environmental impact (water and energy are linked).  Yes Solar is a distributor for Solsquare Solar Solutions- high quality German-engineered solar energy systems that are competitively priced.  Solsquare solar geysers are SABS- and Eskom-approved and are fitted by qualified, Eskom-accredited solar installers.   Now is the time to install a solar geyser while the Eskom rebates last (this money will run out eventually) and before the looming energy crisis arrives.  Solar water geysers can reduce household electricity costs by up to 50%.

Water Rhapsody’s WWF AWARD-winning water conservation systems (see product demo) include rainwater harvesting systems, grey water recycling systems, swimming pool backwash recycling, water-saving toilet flushing mechanisms and rainwater tanks (we are authorised  JoJo Water Tanks & Atlas Plastics water tank dealers in Mpumalanga and Limpopo- best water tank prices in the Lowveld!).  Two new industrial water recycling products have been added to our water system lineup, read about the Poseidon Advantage & Poseidon 1500.

Our water and solar systems will save the environment while you save money on water and electricity bills; get free water and free water heating!

Contact us for a free quote on a solar geyser, water system, rain water tank or water tank.

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