What if the taps ran dry..

rainwater harvesting

When the taps run dry, will you have enough rainwater tanks?

The Future of Water is in Your Hands…

Did you know it requires a minimum of 65 litres of water per day to meet basic human needs? However, Americans use at least 250 litres per day on average to meet their current lifestyle. If you include irrigation water in this calculation, it quickly doubles to over 500 litres of water per day. Yet, across America and across the globe, water supplies are increasingly coming under severe stress.

You must ask yourself, “What will I do when- not if – the tap goes dry?” Being left high and dry without water from a municipal grid is a serious situation that borders on crisis.

Take a moment to imagine and answer this question.

  • Where is the nearest fresh water source you could use for drinking water? A pond at the local golf course? Who knows if it’s safe to drink? Would you buy all of your water in bottles from the grocery store? That could get expensive. Water delivery? Where would you put it? Maybe collect the rain? Now you’re thinking!
  • But wait a moment; perhaps there would be no more water left in bottles. Ok so a water tank. But surely if no one could get water, all the water tanks would be bought. And even if you could get one, how would you fill it?

The answer lies in being prepared. Install a rainwater harvesting system before your water runs dry!

Independent, sustainable water supplies utilizing rainwater harvesting are the way of the future. They are safe, easy to maintain and simply smart! Rainwater is free of chlorine and pollutants commonly found in municipal water grids. Did you know that a sampling program in the 1990s found 30 different pharmaceuticals and related chemicals in surface water samples (Ternes, 1998) in the U.S.? These chemicals enter our drinking water supplies when they are flushed down the toilet and they are compounding in our water systems because they never get filtered out!
Take your water future into your own hands. Start collecting rainwater now! It’s yours, it’s free, it’s clean and you need lots of it!

Source: rainwater harvesting

With the first rains falling on in the Mpumalanga and Limpopo Lowveld, this is the perfect time to install rainwater harvesting systems and rainwater tanks to catch the coming summer rainfall.  Harvesting the rain now will ensure that you have water stored for the dry season and also for the increasingly frequent water supply cuts that many municipalities around South Africa are facing (including White River and Nelspruit in Mpumalanga).  As with recent water supply cuts to the town of White River, the dams are nearly full yet the failing municipal infrastructure caused a water shortage.  Water scarcity has socio-political causes and physical causes; we are facing a global water crisis that cannot be ignored.

Water Rhapsody specializes in water conservation systems that include rainwater systems , rainwater tanks and gray water systems (see the benefits of Water Rhapsody’s systems).  Our water systems can be adapted to small households or to large office blocks, hotels and schools. Should you have questions about our water systems, see rainwater FAQ and grey water FAQ. Our merge with Yes Solar Mpumalanga enables us to offer high quality, German-made Solsquare solar water heating systems (why buy a solar water heater?).  Yes Solar is an official Solsquare distributor in Mpumalanga (White River / Nelspruit areas).  Solar energy is a great renewable energy source for sunny South Africa.  Solsquare solar geysers are Eskom- and SABS-approved and and are installed by qualified solar installers (our solar water heaters are eligible for substantial Eskom solar geyser rebates).  Contact us for a free quote on a solar geyser, water system or JoJo water tank or water tank stand (we are authorized dealers for JoJo Tanks in South Africa and also supply high quality Atlas Plastics water tanks to the Mpumalanga and Limpopo Lowveld).

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