Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy is the newest and most cost effective way to satisfy the huge energy needs of human beings. There are many useful applications of the solar energy in day-to-day life, with many advantages over traditional and the conventional sources of energy.

solar energy

Solar Energy Is Abundant

Solar energy is everywhere, it’s abundant and we’ll practically never run out. Even in mid winter we are blessed with a moderate amount of natural daylight provided courtesy of the sun. Okay, it might not be sunny everyday but we are still experiencing radiation from the sun and it is this which can be gleaned for our own renewable energy purposes. Thus the need for finding a long lasting energy resource is over!

Solar Energy Is Free

Solar energy is completely free. Sure, there is an initial capital cost but once you have made the investment the energy harvested from the sun costs you nothing. No one will be sending you a bill for sunshine. Thus no worries of spending enormous amounts of your salary in satisfying your energy requirements.

Solar Energy Is Cost Effective

While solar photovoltaic solar panels are still relatively expensive, the technology is growing rapidly as is production – and as a result the costs involved are coming down and are becoming more cost effective. Solar hot water panels have been greatly improved in recent years and, with lower cost, payback times for domestic systems can now be as short as five years [even shorter in South Africa; 36 months is the current average for solar geyser]. As coal, gas and oil prices continue to rise solar energy will become a viable alternative. It’s secure. We live in uncertain times and we are increasingly relying on our fossil fuel supplies coming from areas abroad over which we have little or no control.

Solar Energy Is Clean

Finally, solar energy is clean. It is a clean alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power and it will never run out. It is silent. Solar power can be captured anywhere without creating noise pollution that might otherwise upset neighbours and wildlife. It works wherever the sun shines. It doesn’t matter how remote, solar can generate energy where no other form of power can be obtained. Thus, no danger of damaging our already damaged environment further and you can be part of the Green initiative, lower your carbon footprint, and save our planet from harmful greenhouse gases.

Source: Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy has numerous advantages that far outweigh the disadvantages.  Cost is sometimes seen as one disadvantage but only when examined in the short term.  Eskom tariffs in South Africa will be increasing drastically for the next few years.  A typical solar water heating system in South Africa currently amortizes initial costs within 36 months!  After that, you will be reaping the rewards of free hot water (and saving up to 50% of your electricity bill).  Solar installations on homes increase the market value of the house and financing solar energy systems through your bond makes sense if you can’t pay upfront (the increased value of your house covers the cost if you ever sell). Water Rhapsody have incorporated Yes Solar Mpumalanga so we can now offer high quality Solsquare (Germany) solar water heating systems.  Solsquare Solar Solutions are a highly respected solar energy system manufacturer; their solar products are probably the best in South Africa.  Solsquare solar geysers are Eskom-approved and carry the SABS stamp of approval.  Our solar water systems are only installed by qualified, Solsquare-accredited solar installers (so you can claim your Eskom rebate).  Contact us for a free quote on a solar geyser, water system (rainwater systems & greywater systems) or JoJo water tank (we are also authorized JoJo Tank dealers in South Africa).

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