Water Supply Interruptions – Mbombela

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There are currently water supply interruptions occurring on White River Country Estate.  Unfortunately, if there aren’t water conservation systems installed at your house, you’ll have to be without water while Mbombela Local Municipality technicians attend to the fault.  Luckily some White River Country Estate residents have installed Water Rhapsody rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling systems; they will hardly notice any water supply problems.  Rainwater collected in rainwater tanks is conveniently switched over as the main water supply for household use while their gardens continue to receive grey water from their Garden Rhapsody grey water irrigation systems.

grey water systems

Grey water irrigation on White River Country Estate

Residents of other country estates in the area such as Sheffield Estate have already experienced the benefits of installing rainwater systems and greywater systems- water supply problems in the White River area are a constant issue.  When water restrictions come into force, either rainwater or gray water can be used to irrigate lawns and gardens without breaking the law.  Even residents with boreholes are not immune to water shortages; the groundwater in the area is being abstracted at an unsustainable rate; they are already failing on certain properties.  Ensure that you never have water supply problems by installing Water Rhapsody water systems.   We are authorized JoJo Tank dealers and supply JoJo water tanks at excellent prices.   Contact us for a free quote.

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