Solar Power Uses & Advantages

You can use solar power to run outdoor lights; replace security, poolside and garden lights with solar powered lights and save electricity. They are long lasting and will last through all weather conditions.

Solar water heating is also a great alternative to normal electricity-intensive geysers.  There are two types of geysers – direct systems that pump water into the solar geyser themselves and indirect systems where the water circulates inside the panels in order to heat up.

Another product that can be exchanged for a solar powered item is your fridge.  Now, you can reap the economical and environmental benefits by installing solar power products throughout your home.

A good way to start is to use solar geysers to cut costs of water heating, which will free up money to spend on other solar products like PV solar panels*

*photovoltaic ~ converts electrical energy from light energy

As the price for energy increases, savvy homeowners should ensure that their homes are not completely reliant on the mainstream power grid.  By reducing your electricity dependence on the grid, you become part of a more sustainable and responsible global community of homeowners and enjoy significant electricity & cost savings at the same time.

Discover how you can reduce your electricity bill by up to 40%

Source: Yes Solar

Solar power in the form of solar water heating is a great way to save electricity and go green.  Photovoltaic solar panels can be used to power electrical appliances but power storage becomes an issue as battery technology is lagging behind solar technologies.  In South Africa, we do not yet have the systems in place for directing excess solar generated  electricity back into the Eskom grid (as is done in Europe where your excess solar electricity earns you money).  This is why solar geysers are still the most practical solution to lowering electricity bills.  Yes Solar offers impartial advice on which solar heating system is best for your needs.  We generally recommend that indirect systems are used in South Africa as our variable water quality shortens the life of direct systems.  Contact us for a free quote!

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