Make your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Watch this interesting, fact-filled video with some surprising information!

Water Rhapsody offers the Multi-Flush toilet flushing mechanism.  There’s no need to discard your old water-wasting toilet; our Multi-Flush kit simply replaces the flushing mechanism in your old toilet.  The Multi-Flush system is better than any ‘low-flow’ toilet (and much cheaper!) because the amount of water used in the flushing process is totally user controlled.  Low-flow showerheads come in a variety of models; the cheaper ones are usually disappointing, rather spend a bit more on a high-quality model.  You can further save on your water bills by recycling all that almost-clean shower water.  Choose from Water Rhapsody’s greywater garden irrigation system or the Second Movement system which uses greywater for flushing toilets (why use precious drinking water to flush the toilet?).  Rain water is also great for showering in (collect it in water tanks via our rooftop rainwater harvesting system). Rainwater is generally ‘softer’ and very good for washing hair.  Rain water is also a much healthier option for bathing; municipal water can be full of chlorine and other chemicals (bad for your hair, skin and health in general- see Wash your hair with Rainwater). See the benefits of our water systems and contact us for rain water tanks too.

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