What would you do if White River/Nelspruit Ran out of Water?

Instant panic! Immediate thoughts would turn to your family and home. The taps would open, but nothing would come out, there may be a little water left in your kettle, and some in your geyser. Then you may hear the news that the city will be out of water for a month. More panic, but what to do about it.

water shortages

First things first. You need water to drink. You race off to the shops, only to find a long queue, patiently and some not so patiently waiting to buy bottled water . You may be among the lucky ones that get in first. I once saw people in a holiday town, fight at the Spar for a limited number of Bread Rolls that were becoming available. Imagine if the scarce resource were water!

Then you would think of a longer term plan. Get a water tank. Quickly! So you could harvest any coming rain off your roof. But think about this. There are only about 140,000 water tanks made each year in South Africa. And we have a population of about 50 million. So there would be a mad scramble for water tanks until they were sold out.

Isn’t it just more sensible to buy a water tank, get it installed by Water Rhapsody with the necessary filters, so that in the unlikely event of your town running dry, for whatever reason… you and your family will have some degree of protection? Contact us to get a quote to install a water tank now and protect your most important assets, your family.

Posted by Water Rhapsody

The current high dam levels in the Lowveld can be attributed to good rains last season.  This has not always been the case at this time of the year.  There have been many winters when water restrictions have been implemented in White River and Nelspruit (Mbombela Local Municipality).  The moratorium on development a few years ago seems to have been forgotten by all parties.  White River simply cannot support continued development with the water supply it has available.  Recent history for the area shows that good rainfall years and full dams are not the norm.  Full dams also do not guarantee a water supply (see Water Security); ailing local municipalities, lack of infrastructure maintenance and natural disasters can prevent water from getting to your taps.  Buying a water tank now is a sound investment and without being alarmist, it will ensure that you have a certain degree of water preparedness in case of a sudden water supply crisis.  Public water supplies are often the first targets during political and civil strife (see War and Water).  Although serious unrest in the Lowveld is unlikely at this stage, it is always good to be prepared.  Water Rhapsody Mpumalanga and Limpopo can assist you with water tanks and rainwater harvesting systems.  We also offer other water systems that save water, save the environment and save you money.  Our product demo explains our rainwater harvesting system, grey water recycling systems, swimming pool backwash recycling system and toilet flush mechanism.  Contact us now for a free quote.

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